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Go See Christy Beauty Boutique is located in Southern California.  We are a small grass roots boutique that opened in 2008 during the recession. 

I started alone in a small room in a beauty supply store and moved to my own store front location in 2010. 

When the business began, social media was just beginning so I had to rely on word of mouth. 

Moving from an entirely different county, I did not even have family or friends to help me spread the word.

There were many days where I sat and waited all day and had no one come.  Slowly but surely, I built up a faithful clientele. 

The business did not even have an "official name".

The name "Go See Christy" came from my loyal clients.  As I struggled to find a name for the boutique, I asked my clients which name they liked best.

One client replied, "Why don't you just name it, 'Go See Christy' since that is what we tell our friends and family?"   At first, I just laughed it off.

I started telling others about what she said, and the majority of my clients picked that name out of all the others.  So I went with it, and thought, "If I don't like it in a week, I will just change it." 

Well, the name stuck, and here we are 14 years later!

The online store is the result of some of our clients moving away and still wanting to purchase products.  Initially, our customers would just email us and we would process the orders and mail them. 

FINALLY, we decided to put up an online store to make ordering products easier for our clients who aren't local.

(So, pardon our dust as we start to move more of our products online!)

Thank you again so much for being so loyal and growing with us!

What Has Changed...

After years and years of long days, nights and weekends of sacrificing time away from family and friends, and commuting long hours, I decided to retire.

Even though the business was very busy, I had felt like it was time to retire. 

For 3 years prior, I struggled with the decision so on December 2019, I closed my shop.

After several months, of enjoying life, I decided to do more online consultations from my existing clientele that were STILL referring their families and friends to me.

Who knew that in March of 2020, the online business would explode?!

The online business has given me more freedom than I ever had with the brick and mortar store.

Now, I can help more people in less time!

Who knows how long I may do this but for now, I am truly enjoying myself! : )


The products we carry and sell are ALL the same products that we currently use and have used on thousands of clients. 

We carry an array of products, from pharmaceutical grade to organic to gentle for our clients who have Rosacea, Psoriasis, and Ezcema.

We don't just sell skin care products.  My background is not in selling skin care products, and I am not a make-up artist or beauty blogger.

My understanding of skin care products goes beyond how products look, feel, or smell.  Although these factors are important, my education is in the SCIENCE of skin and how the chemistry of skin care products work ON and IN the skin.

I am a licensed esthetician and understand the chemistry of skin care products and how they affect the skin through the pH, the delivery systems, and how products are used.

I have literally "touched" thousands of different types of skin to help treat Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Psoriasis, Ezcema, Rosacea, and more.

I have also used these products in the treatment room and have seen how these products worked on all different types of skin.

Our company goes through several testing methods to make sure we see results on a variety of different types of skin.

First, I personally try them and test them on myself and use the products for at least a month since that is usually how long it takes to see a visible difference. 

If the products are created for someone who has Acne, Rosacea, Ezcema, etc, I have my clients who have one of these skin conditions use it for a month and get their feedback. 

If the products pass the tests, then I will endorse them. 

I also understand that not EVERY product in the SAME skin care line will work with everyone's skin, so I try to carry products that are pH compatible with other skin care product lines so they will all work well with each other.

So thank you again for being a part of the Go See Christy family!  Please feel free to browse through our products, check out our Beauty and Skincare Blog, and watch our weekly videos on skin care products, tips, and information.

We don't just sell skin care products. 

It is our goal to EDUCATE you on how they work so you have a deeper understanding of how your skin works. 

We want to help you achieve your most beautiful skin and healthy skin care goals.

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