Skin Care Trial/Travel Kit: Paraben Free

**Discounts to not apply to kits

These kits were created to sample a set of products that may include (products in kits vary)


-Treatment Serums

-Treatment Creams/Moisturizers

-Acne Control Treatments

-Treatment Mask



Post Treatment Kit: Recommended for:

-Post Acid Peels 

-Post Laser peel

-Post microdermabrasion

-Post Microneedling


To help:

-Increase hydration in the skin/decrease peeling time

-Speed up Recovery time

-Reduce inflammation


Post Treatment Kit includes:

-Ormedic Balancing Cleanser- Gel based cleanser to help balance out oil/water in the skin.  Gentle with no sulphates

Iluma Intense Lightening Serum- Helps gently suppress melanin production with lightening peels.  No peeling acids or hydroquinone. Helps calm and soothe skin.

- Sunscreen SPF 50 -lightweight sheer sunscreen.  Sheer Zinc oxide to help soothe the skin.

-Vital C Hydrating Eznyme Masque- Cream based mask to help keep the skin moisturized and gently exfoliate peeling skin from acid peels.

-MAX Stem Cell Cream- Help prevent and protect the skin from aging and restore its natural healing process.