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Mineral Lip Gloss 3

Mineral Lip Gloss 3

Our Mineral Lip Gloss 3 is a highly pigmented lip polish made with all-natural and non-toxic ingredients like rosehip oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, beeswax, and castor oil. Its mineral based formula provides long-lasting wear and extra protection while keeping your lips soft and hydrated. For an extra shine or frosted lip color, layer with a lip gloss.

Our number one selling and requested color for 16 years.  Most compatible lip color in our boutique.

NOT SHEER.  Has the texture of lip gloss, can be made more sheer by using lip gloss or used alone.

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Key Ingredients: -Beeswax -Rosehip Oil -Avocado Oil -Sesame OIl -Sweet Orange Essential Oil (for scent) * No Nut oil (to avoid quick spoilage) May contain (depending on color): Titanium DIoxide, Iron Oxides,
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