10 Daily Habits That May Cause Acne Breakouts!

10 Daily Habits That May Cause Acne Breakouts!

We all have these normal daily habits but never think that they COULD be causing breakouts! (And these go for both gals and guys.) To find out if you are guilty of any of these habits, read on or click the video below to watch!


For those who have bangs, when they breakout, many times they try to hide the breakouts and cover them with their bangs. For those who have long hair and struggle with back Acne, they do the same.

The problem is, there’s oil on your hair that can get onto your skin!

Your scalp produces up to 2 TIMES more oil than your skin, and it is typically THICKER so it can get onto your hair to keep it soft.

When you try to cover your breakouts with your hair, that oil can onto your face and onto your back and actually cause MORE breakouts. Try to keep your hair AWAY from your face, this can help reduce breakouts.


Again, going back to your scalp. Your hair tends to have more oil on it, as well as dirt, sweat, and environmental pollutants from the day. If you don’t wash your hair before you go to bed, that oil, dirt, sweat, and pollutants (plus the oil from your skin) get onto your pillowcase…

When you’re sleeping and turn over to sleep on your side, all of those things can get onto your skin, causing breakouts. Try to CHANGE your pillowcase more frequently.

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It can be a pain to wash your make-up brushes all the time. I know some people who go WEEKS without washing them, and I also know people who wash them EVERY NIGHT.

If you’re applying make-up daily but you don’t wash your brushes daily, especially if you have oily skin, that oil can get onto your brushes. That means every time you apply make-up, you’re putting that old oil and bacteria BACK onto your face…

You may want to try washing your make-up brushes more frequently to help reduce your breakouts.

TIP: If you use synthetic brushes, you can wash them with an antibacterial gel-based soap or cleanser. If you use brushes made with hair (real animal hair) you’ll want to avoid the antibacterial soaps and cleansers and use a Tea Tree Oil-based shampoo instead.

BONUS TIP: While you’re washing your brushes, all of the oils, make-up, and bacterial will emulsify so you may notice they don’t lather very much. KEEP WASHING THEM until they lather up nicely and all of that oil, make-up, and bacteria is gone.


Like in #3, if you’re not washing your make-up brushes frequently, every time you apply make-up, the oil, dirt, and bacteria that are on those brushes are being dipped BACK into your make-up…

I know most people use their make-up until the very last drop (make-up is expensive!) but if you’re re-using dirty make-up brushes, your make-up is now contaminated with all that oil and bacteria, which MULTIPLIES every time you use it, and you’re just putting it all BACK onto your face.

Try to replace your make-up on a regular basis. Even if it’s not empty. Especially if you tend to do touch-ups throughout the day and keep re-using the brushes and make-up.

If replacing your make-up more often is not something you can financially do, then WASH your brushes as frequently as possible!


– Talc
– Mineral Oil
– Petroleum-based Ingredients
– Heavy Oils
– Synthetic Fragrances

These ingredients can be found in a lot of make-up and skincare products and they tend to be “COMEDOGENIC”, which means they can clog the pores.

“LAKES” can be found in make-up with very bright, intensely pigmented colors, like blushes, eye-shadows, etc.

For men, you may want to avoid heavily-scented aftershave products. The synthetic fragrances may irritate the skin and clog the pores.

Many also tend to contain alcohol, which can dehydrate the skin. Contrary to what many people believe, drying out the skin when you have oily skin makes it WORSE.

When the alcohols dehydrate your skin, your skin responds by producing MORE oil, which can cause MORE breakouts.

Try avoiding products with these ingredients and it may help reduce your breakouts.

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Most people are not aware of how much they touch their face throughout the day. Whether they’re adjusting their glasses, brushing hair off their face, bored and leaning on their hands, these actions can contribute to your breakouts!

Your fingers are where you touch everything and tend to have a lot of oils and bacteria stick to them. When you touch your face, that bacteria can get onto your skin and cause more breakouts. If you do need to touch your face, try to use the back of your hands instead.


We are all ALWAYS using our phones. We take them with us everywhere (including the restroom…) and place them everywhere where they can pick up and collect a LOT of dirt and bacteria.

When you pick it back up and hold it to your face to make a call… that bacteria can get onto your hands (like in #6) or straight onto your face.

Try to disinfect your phone EVERY day. Simply take a disinfectant wipe and wipe it down on a daily basis to keep it clean.


The more you sweat, the more likely you are to produce oil. The bacteria on your skin feeds off of the lipids, salt, and sugars from our sebum.

Whether you’re going home or running errands afterward, it’s not enough to just wipe down the sweat, try to wash your face right after you work out. (And also, try to wash a little bit higher into the scalp area because that oil and sweat comes down onto your face.) This will bring down the level of bacteria that can potentially cause you to break out.

**IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASH YOUR FACE, THIS TONER WILL READJUST YOUR pH so it will slow down bacteria growth until you able to wash your face.



I get it, razors can be very expensive! BUT razors are only meant to be used ONCE (even the ones that advertise using them multiple times).

When you shave any part of your body, the blades are also taking off the dead skin-cell layers. That dead skin gets trapped in between the blades and the bacteria level grows and grows the more you use the razor.

Not only that, every time you shave, you’re causing micro-contusions on the skin, which are microscopic cuts. The bacteria from the razor can get into those tiny cuts and cause you to get those annoying bumps, also known as “PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS BARBAE”.

Those fancy double, triple, quadruple blade razors out there? AVOID THOSE. Get the cheap, single-use, disposable razors with the single blade so you can use them once and dispose of them daily. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of bumps and breakouts you experience.

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Most of us wear glasses and/or sunglasses everyday but we rarely clean them. If it’s hot out, then we’re sweating. For us ladies, we’re wearing make-up AND sweating. Where the glasses and sunglasses rest on our noses and cheeks, those areas also happen to be very oily.

Most of us don’t clean our glasses EVERY TIME we wear them. And I don’t just mean wiping them off. I mean CLEAN them.

If you can’t do it every time you wear your glasses, at least try to clean them daily. You’ll need to use an actual cleanser (or disinfectant wipes again) to break down the oil, sweat, and dirt.

That’s it! Obviously there are more daily habits we all do that may be causing breakouts, so if we didn’t mention one of yours here, let us know in the comments!

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