Benefits Of Sulforaphane

The Benefits of Sulforaphane are not widely talked about the in the skin care industry.  One of the many anti aging benefits of sulforaphane is that it can boost the brain and body's most plentiful and internally created antioxidant, Glutathione.

*Sulforaphane Benefits For Women

Here are 3 Anti Aging Benefits of Sulforaphane:

  1.   Sulforaphane boosts glutathione levels and supports liver detoxification. Sulforaphane activates phase 2 of the detoxification enzymes that can help boost and support the liver deotoxify toxins and waste from the body.

Sulforaphane is mainly found in the cruceriferous vegetable family such as:

-Bok Choy

-Broccoli/ Broccoli Sprouts

- Brussel Sprouts


-Cabbage- Red, green, and napa


It is also found in :






just to name a few...

There are other compounds that are found in the phase 2 of detoxification enzymes that are also found in some collagen powders such as:







Benefits of Sulforaphane for Skin:

Sulforaphane has antioxidant benefits for the skin....but it doesn't quite work like Vitamin C does, as an antioxidant.  Vitamin C directly works to neutralize free radicals.

Whereas sulforaphane activates a particular protein NRF2 , which triggers  specific antioxidant genes to help the body detox from environmental pollutants, metabolic waste, and other toxins, including a common carcinogen in air, called Benzene.

Benzene is found in cigarette smoje, car exhaust, and obviously air pollution.  It was to remove up 61% from the body.

After phase 2 of detoxification, it makes it way by the way of excreting these waste product through:


-Gall bladder






2.  Antioxidant Benefits of Sulforaphane for Skin

The antioxidant benefits of Sulforaphane for the skin is shown to reverse skin aging by:

Reducing inflammation:

A clinical study used topical application of sulforaphane from broccoli sprout extract on humans over the course of 3 days.

The results showed that NOT only did it help reduce inflammation due to UV exposure but it also PREVENTED inflammation when applied on the skin BEFORE being exposed to UV rays.  So it showed protective benefits from UV exposure.

Sulforaphane also showed that it reduced inflammation for skin conditions such as acne.

It  also inhibits bacteria growth which is also beneficial for treating acne.


3.  Sulforaphane may Reduce  premature aging of the skin:

Some results showed that sulforaphane helps reduce premature aging of the skin and hyperpigmention by:

-Suppressing pigmentation formation

-Maintaining collagen levels

Sulforaphane seems to slow down aging and even reverse aging by controlling the fibroblast growth factors in the keratinocytes.

Other Antioxidants that are proven to be beneficial for the skin:

The TRUTH about Vitamin C and YOUR Skin

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Glutathione vs Astaxanthin

So even though, there has been promising results in clinical trials studying the antioxidant benefits of sulforaphane for the skin, there are many benefits of this compound when ingested regularly. It can even produced naturally in the gut.

Sulforaphane Benefits For Women


This phyto nutrient sulforaphane has been linked to being able to help prevent estrogen linked cancers such as:

-Breast cancer

-Cervical cancer

-Ovarian cancer

Estrogen dominance is due to a over production of estrogen.  Symptoms of excess estrogen can include:

-Heavy Periods

-Tender breasts

-Mood Swings

-Stubborn weight gain





-low libido


Since Sulforaphane assists and is a part of Type 2 Detoxification, it can help promote a more efficient and supportive role in assisting the liver, kidney, and gut in eliminating excess estrogen.

Sulforaphane Benefits for Menopause:

When women start to have lower levels of estrogen due to menopause, the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain cancer risks can increase.

Just like sulforaphane can help regulate hormones for younger women, it can also help reduce the risks related to post menopausal women by:

-Helping to regulate insulin levels to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes

-May help lower risks of bone loss.

One study showed that food derived sulforaphane help to promote osteoblast activity annd reduce bone loss activity.

However, this study was done on mice and although it showed positive results, another study that was done was in vivo.

Sulforaphane and Hashimotos Disease (Hypthyroidism)

I have a client who I am treating for melasma and when I was consulting her about how diet can also affect pigmentation, she was actually avoiding consuming cruciferous vegetables due to a compound that they have called goitrogens.

Goitrogens can disrupt  thryoid activity .  However, the probability of most people overeating cruciferous vegetables to the point it  interferes with their thyroid gland , is small.  The benefit of sulforaphane far outweighs the small risk due to the copious amounts needed to be consumed in order for the risk to be substantial.

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