8 Products & Tips To Control Oily Shine!

8 Products & Tips To Control Oily Shine!

Struggling to control that oily shine throughout the day?  Watch our video below or read on for 8 products and tips to control oil and shine!


Look for a cleanser that will not strip the Acid Mantle from your skin, otherwise your skin may end up over-producing oil causing MORE breakouts.

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Exfoliate at night, NOT during the day.  This helps decrease the amount of clogged pores by increasing the skin cell turnover rate.

Exfoliating also takes away the dead skin cells, so when you use a hydrating serum, moisturizer, or Acne product, they absorb even better into your skin.

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Look for a gel-based serum that increases the hydration in your skin.  The more properly hydrated your skin is, the less likely it is to produce more oil.  The best is a Hyaluronic Acid gel serum.

Using a cream-based serum may increase the amount of oil on your skin.


Look for a hydrating SPRAY toner, not a toner / astringent that you pour onto a cotton ball.  They are typically formulated to remove traces of make-up, oil, and dirt which can be drying.

A spray toner is formulated to increase the hydration levels in your skin.  For Oily Skin and Acne, look for a toner that has hydrating properties but is also pH balancing for your skin.

Some toners, depending on the ingredients, can also increase the efficacy of other anti-aging products, hydrating products, and even Acne products!

Find out why toners are a great product to control oily skin


Look for a sunscreen that has mattifying properties.  That way it is oil-free and also controls oil production.

Our favorite is the Image Skincare Daily Defense SPF 32 Matte Moisturizer.  It has patented micro-sponges that actually break open and as you produce oil throughout the day, ABSORB the oil for a shine-free, matte look.

What to look for in your moisturizers so that you don’t break out:

The Best Type of Moisturizer for your skin type


Look for a 100% pure rice powder, not a BLEND.  A lot of companies make powders to absorb oil that include Zea Mays (or corn starch), and they do absorb oil!…

BUT the great thing about rice powder is, not only does it absorb oil, but it also releases moisture as your skin needs it!

AND it also has Phytic Acid, which helps lighten-and-brighten when the rice powder is used over time!  That means it can really help with lightening age spots and Hyperpigmentation.

BONUS TIP: If you live somewhere that’s very humid and you’re constantly struggling with that oily shine, after you apply your sunscreen, take a kabuki brush and lightly dust your face with the rice powder.  Then on top of that, apply a mineral powder foundation.  Then on top of THAT, lightly dust your face with the rice powder AGAIN.

This can really help with that oily shine!


– Petroleum-based Ingredients
– Mineral Oil
– Petroleum or Petrolatum
– Waxes
– Fragrances
– High % of Alcohols
– Lanolin

These ingredients tend to be heavier and can be COMEDOGENIC (which means they may clog the pores) as well as irritating to the skin.


Instead of using a powder compact to cover oily shine, use oil-blotting papers.

Using a compact can make it WORSE.  By dabbing make-up over the oily shine, oil then gets onto the sponge, which is dabbed back into the compact, and back onto your skin, and so on.  You are basically layering the oil and make-up.

Use oil-blotting papers to remove the oil, and then take a separate LOOSE powder, one that you can sprinkle powder into the lid, and use a brush to dust over your face.  That way the brush is not being dipped back into the powder contaminating it with oil and bacteria.

This Japanese Oil blotting paper absorbs oil more effieciently than most and does NOT contain any additional powder on the paper.  It has a higher absorption rate than most of the ones that are in the states.

Japanese Oil Blotting Paper

So there you have it, 8 products and tips to control oily shine including some bonus tips!

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