Do nuts cause acne??  Do you ever notice after eating certain foods you have an Acne breakout?  This is not a coincidence!  It can happen with lots of different types of food for different people.  Acne and nuts seems to have link for some people.

Today we’re talking about NUTS and ACNE.  Read on (or click on the video below to watch) to find out how you can avoid these Acne triggers.

FUN FACT: The most common “nut” consumed in America is the Peanut. BUT it’s actually NOT a nut… it’s a LEGUME.

Can Eating Nuts cause Acne?

Here are the actual NUTS that may trigger an Acne breakout and you may want to AVOID eating:

– Almonds
– Brazil Nuts
– Cashews
– Hazelnuts
– Macadamia Nuts
– Walnuts

Walnuts have 3X the Omega-3 fatty acids (which are the GOOD fatty acids!) but they also have 6X the Omega-6 fatty acids (which are the BAD fatty acids…).

But don’t despair, nut lovers!  Read on to find out how to still eat nuts and NEUTRALIZE the effects they have on Acne triggers!

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One of the most common questions I get from clients is: “What foods cause Acne??”

Do Nuts Cause Acne?

It’s actually not the FOOD that causes the Acne breakouts, but the way the food affects your HORMONES.

Hormones affect your Sebum production, how MUCH Sebum is produced, and how THICK the Sebum is (which can clog your pores).

Hormones are important because they affect every part of your body in day-to-day bodily functions as well as your appearance, such as:

– Weight gain
– Weight loss
– How thin or thick your skin is
– How thin or thick the Sebum you produce is
– How much Sebum is produced
– Hair growth
– Hair loss
– Muscle growth
– Muscle loss

As you can see, it’s not really the FOOD that causes the Acne but the way the food interacts with your hormones, how much oil is produced, and how quickly your skin-cell turnover rate is (your “DESQUAMATION RATE”).

The average American diet is OVERLOADED with Omega-6 rich fatty acids and we really need to be eating more Omega-3 rich fatty acids.

Eating more Omega-3 fatty acids, you’ll find you react LESS to those Acne triggers (i.e. fewer breakouts!) because they NEUTRALIZE the effects.

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Studies have shown eating a diet rich in Omega-6 fatty acids affects the Androgen hormone levels (which is the male hormone) in both girls and boys.

It increases the amount of oil your skin produces as well as how thick the Sebum is, clogging the pores even more.

In girls, it increases an earlier onset of puberty.  The earlier the onset of puberty, the more likely they are to experience SEVERE ACNE later in life.

Here are some foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids:

– Salmon
– Tuna
– Whitefish
– Spinach
– Kale
– Egg yolks
– Hemp seeds
– Flax seeds
– Omega-3 fish oil supplements (for those who hate the taste of fish!)

FUN FACT: There are 3 groups of people in the world with NO KNOWN HISTORY of Acne!  They are the people of:

– Rural villages of Japan
– Ache tribe in eastern Paraguay
– Kettavan islanders of Papua New Guinea

Their diets are primarily plant-based with little-to-no processed foods at all and very, very low animal protein consumption.

So, you CAN still eat the foods you love even if they tend to cause Acne breakouts.  Just eat MORE foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to balance out and NEUTRALIZE the effects.

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BONUS: Here are some other common foods that may trigger an Acne breakout:

– Seafood (some)
– Sugar
– Soy
– Wheat
– Processed foods
– Dairy

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