Anti Aging Tips For Lips

Anti Aging Tips For Lips

Anti Aging tips for lips vs skin – As most part of the country starts to get into dry chapped lips season, let’s talk a little bit about the differences between the lips vs your skin. Please stay tuned for the PRO TIPS . Some are also done in the video on clients.

Anti Aging Tips for Lips vs Skin:

Here are some differences between your lips and your skin so you can better understand how to care for your lips during the dry winter months or even during the summer.

Your lips are typically softer and more moveable than skin.

Lips have only 3-5 cellular layers vs the skin which has an average of between 15-20 layers.

Hyper pigmentation and Lips:

Lips have fewer melanocytes than skin so it typically doesn’t affect the color of your lips.

However, I have seen some of my clients over the years, that had some pigmentation on their lips. But for the most part, lips are not affected by pigmentation.


Differences between your lips and your skin:

Skin is well covered by sebaceous glands and hair follicles. However, they stop right at the border of the lips vs the skin that is well covered.

This is why your lips are more susceptible than your skin to:



-sensitivities to hot and cold temperatures

Obviously, BOTH the skin and your lips can feel sensations such as:





Because the lips has less layers, it is more sensitive.

Now, where the lips meet the surrounding skin around the mouth area is called the Vermilion Border.

This is the reddish area within the border is the vermilion zone.

The color is from eleidin– a clear intracellular protein through which the blood vessels near the papillary layer are visible. This shows a blood red cell color.

As mentioned earlier, since the lips do not have sebaceous glands, it cannot moisturize or lubricate itself.

Why most chap sticks don’t work:

Most chap sticks are NOT effective as chapped lip treatments.

Most chap sticks not effective because the chap stick is mostly made with emollients and occlusive agents such as wax, oils, and butters which are made to keep moisture in. If there is no moisture on the lips, the products just flakes off along with the dry skin on the lips.

Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin In Winter

How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Do this ONE THING

How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin-Part 2 PRO TIPS

A more effective product would have a balance of humectants, emollients and occlusives. This is why I prefer a gel based lip treatment for chapped lips vs a chap stick.

Some well known occlusive ingredients:





-cetyl or cetearyl alcohol

***PRO TIP***

Before applying any lip product, be sure to gently exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin flakes. Avoid using abrasive exfoliant such as salt /sugar scrubs. Use a product with very fine granules such as powders or bamboo powder. Preferably an enzyme based powder vs one with glycolic acid. Rinse or remove with warm towel.

Then on slightly moist lips apply a gel based lip product. They tend to work better than a waxy chap stick, especially if you have dry, cracked peeling lips.

My recommendation for Dry Chapped Lips Treatment:

I like the Ormedic Lip Treatment because this line is almost all organic . Great because most of the time you end up ingesting the products on your lips. The products also have peptides to help slow down the aging of the lips. This product does NOT have any sunscreen protection so I would use this in the evening.

Ormedic Lip Treatment for CANADA:

Exfoliating Powder:




As we age, collagen loss becomes more apparent around the lips.

The lip region develops deeper wrinkles from 250-400 micrometers.

Obviously there are several procedures to address fine lines and wrinkles and thinner lips.

In the video portion, I am using a microcurrent procedure that uses low levels of electrical impulses to the muscles in the face and around the mouth and chin area.

Unlike, the muscles in the body, the muscles of the face are attached to the skin. This helps relax overly tight muscles and strengthen under worked muscles which will then help lift the skin.

This benefits of this treatment are cumulative.

Microcurrent improves:

-circulation and can stimulate collagen production

-increase hydration

-increase cellular function

-reducate the muscles

For more hydration tips for dry and dehydrated skin:

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Remember: Make up is an ART and Skin Care is a Science

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