Benefits Of Pumpkin Facial For Acne, Aging And Lightening

Benefits Of Pumpkin Facial For Acne, Aging And Lightening

Pumpkin Facial benefits for acne, aging and lightening:  You’ve probably heard about it all over the internet with DIY Pumpkin masks, but read on or watch our video below to find out why Pumpkin Facials are SO BENEFICIAL for your skin and why you should get a PROFESSIONAL Pumpkin Facial and skip the DIY versions. (Your skin will LOVE you for it!)
***If you absolutely cannot afford a professional pumpkin peel facial, this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (as far as ingredients go) is better than the Peter Thomas Roth  Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.
If you have had a professional pumpkin mask, you will see there is a big difference between the DIY pumpkin mask and the professional formula .  You may be disappointed but if you wanted to try a pumpkin based product, this one is better than most.

So, “Why is the Pumpkin Peel and the Pumpkin Facial SO popular during this time of year??”
(Other than the Pumpkin Spice mania that takes over every Fall), the reason why everyone loves the Pumpkin Facial is because pumpkin is VERY unique in both exfoliating the skin and increasing hydration in the skin!
Pumpkin has very potent forms of ANTI-OXIDANTS! Some of the ingredients that are in a Pumpkin Peel (and are very powerful anti-oxidants) include:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
If you cannot afford a professional pumpkin facial, then here is one where the ingredients are pretty good.  Although it will not have the benefits of a professional pumpkin facial, you can try this one and ingredients wise, it is more beneficial than the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.

Do Anti Aging Products REALLY work?

But we can’t forget the MOST important of the anti-oxidants, which is wonderful for both healing INSIDE your body as well as your skin:
– Beta-Carotene
Pumpkin also has minerals that are ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and HEALING to the skin! These include:
– Potassium
– Zinc
When pumpkin is in a peel solution of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid, they actually increase its exfoliating and healing properties!

Benefits of Pumpkin Facial for Aging:

Some of the things it can address are dry, dull, aging skin, as well as inflamed skin (it is GREAT for decreasing redness!), and unbalanced skin.
If you have combination skin where some areas are oily and other areas are dry, pumpkin can balance out both issues! How this works is, the areas that are dry, dull, aging, or have an uneven skin tone, pumpkin has gentle exfoliating properties that removes dead skin cells. Once the dead skin cells are removed, it increases the skin’s ability to hold in moisture and also give your skin a GLOWING even tone.

Benefits of Pumpkin Facial for Acne and Hyper pigmentation:

Pumpkin facial benefits for acne, unbalanced, combination skin, some areas are producing TOO MUCH oil. What pumpkin does is balance out the oil production in your skin. So the end result for most skin types is even-toned, re-balanced, GLOWING skin!
The Salicylic acid will help clean out pores, the glycolic acid will help smooth out bumpy skin, and the lactic acid will exfoliate while hydrating the skin.  It will also help heal acne lesions faster.
Pumpkin facial benefits also help lighten and even out skin tone .
The AWARD-WINNING facial that we do every year here at Go See Christy Beauty Boutique (that has a very committed following) is different and unique from other Pumpkin Facials due to the pumpkin protocol that we use.
In most facials, when they’re doing a Pumpkin Peel, it’s the specific peel they use that’s pumpkin, but their cleanser, their toner, their moisturizer, and all of the other products that they use during the facial are the normal, regular products.
The specific protocol that we use BEGINS AND ENDS with all pumpkin products!
The first one is the PUMPKIN ENZYME CLEANSER. This cleanser is VERY special because it can address the pH of someone who has Rosacea-prone skin (so they have an overgrowth of yeast on their skin) as well as someone who has oily, unbalanced skin or breakouts (so they have an overgrowth of proprium bacterium on their skin).
It sets the pH for these skin types and everything in between, which is what makes it such a unique cleanser!
It also is a very specific pH to prep. the skin for the next step, which is the PUMPKIN PEEL (the exfoliating process that heals breakouts, increases skin cell turnover, and lightens up dark patches on the skin). Now, this is a PROFESSIONAL solution with a potent percentage of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. This exfoliates the skin.
The next step is a PUMPKIN TONER. The toner is to reset the pH of your skin because the peel makes your skin HIGHLY acidic. The toner resets the pH to prep. your skin for the final step, which is the PUMPKIN CREAM.
Now, the pumpkin cream is HIGH in anti-oxidants and HIGH in humectants, so not only does it deeply moisturize your skin, but it DECREASES inflammation (whether it’s due to Acne or Rosacea) while also INCREASING hydration!
Basically, for HOURS after the facial it continues to increase the hydration in your skin due to the high amounts of humectants.
This is why we use this specific protocol for our Pumpkin Facial. You get a multi-layering of anti-oxidants, humectants, as well as minerals that both decrease inflammation and SLOW DOWN the aging process!
**Want to find out more about skincare products that slow down the aging process? Click HERE to check out our blog and video “Do Anti-Aging Products REALLY Work??”**
Something we HIGHLY recommend when this time of year comes around is to do a PROFESSIONAL Pumpkin Facial and a Pumpkin Peel instead of buying one over-the-counter (or making a DIY version at home). Why?
Because the ones you can buy over-the-counter or online have extremely LOW percentages of the performance ingredients you want. (This is because the companies don’t want to be liable for contraindications.)
It’s kind of like going to a local drugstore to get aspirin for a headache. If you need something MUCH stronger (like Vicodin) for a pain-killer, you need to go to a licensed professional to get a prescription. It’s similar to the Pumpkin Facial!
You need to see a licensed professional to get those HIGH percentages of power, performance ingredients to get your money’s worth.
(And if you can, try to look for someone in your area who does a Pumkin Facial with ALL pumpkin products from beginnging to end!)
Want to give the Pumpkin Facial a try for yourself??
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