Best Hand Cream For Extremely Dry Skin

What is the best hand cream for extremely dry skin? The best hand cream for extremely dry skin DEPENDS on if you ALSO have dry CRACKED hands.

*Do you have dry cracked hands that you sometimes get those deep cut near your nails?

*Are your hands so dry from OVER washing that your hands are red, itchy, and have bumps?

*Do you feel like you are ALWAYS having to apply hand lotion or hand cream for extremely dry skin but you STILL have dry hands?


It may be because you are using the wrong type of hand cream/lotion/moisturizer.

THE CHALLENGE: to find the the RIGHT hand cream for your existing skin condition.

BEST hand cream for dry cracked hands:

If you have extremely dry, cracked hands and you have cuts on your fingers, and they don’t seem to heal. There are several changes you can do.

First, if your hands are red and inflamed then an ingredient you may want to look for is a natural anti inflammatory ingredient derived from oats called beta glucan.

This is in Aveeno. However, most of their hand creams do not contain enough of the ingredients to heal deep cuts . When you have extremely dry, cracked hands, your skin needs ceramides.

Clinical studies showed that the best hand cream for extra dry skin and the best hand cream for extremely dry cracked hands are creams that contain ceramides.

One clinical study evaluated the difference in:

-increased skin hydration

-improved TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss)

-skins pH

-appearance of wrinkles

When applying cream containing ceramides vs just applying a hydrophilic cream, they evaluated:

-24 hours- had the MOST significant difference

– 7 days and at

-28 days had the most significant increase in hydration and decreased wrinkles and inflammation

This specific study used a cream containing just ceramides 1,3,6-II, similar to Cerave. In this study, it only indicated that the lotion they used, had these ceramides . The same ones in Cerave. However, they did not mention the particular product in the study.

Link to this study will be below.

If your extremely dry hands are cracked, then the best hand cream for extremely dry skin and cracked hands may be one with ceramides.

This hand cream is a Korean brand from Sur Medic. It is called: Super Ceramide 100.

You can use the code: CHRISTY10 for additional discounts.

The full name of this product is: Surmedic Super Ceramide 100TM Intense Protection Hand Cream

***BE CAREFUL*** It is NOT the same as their REGEN cream which is for the face.

This hand cream has :

-5 ceramide ingredients which is MORE THAN what Cerave contains

-3 types of Hyaluronic Acid

-Shea butter-Essential fatty acids

-Suitable for sensitive skin

-No artificial fragrance

-No Greasy After feel

This 1.52 fl oz tube is currently on sale (as of this writing) for $10.32 and with the discount code, you can receive an additional 10% OFF.


What is the best hand cream for extremely dry skin?

The best hand cream for extremely dry skin, including crepey, flaky skin but not necessarily red inflamed skin may need more essential fatty acids, otherwise known as “Vitamin F”.

If your hands are extremely dry and the texture of your skin looks crepey and crinkly, do the “the pinch test”. The pinch test is where you pinch the skin on top of your hands, and if the skin holds its shape somewhat after you let go, your skin is lacking elasticity.

Most hand creams that have a body butter texture can be extremely greasy.

However the Benton Shea Butter and Olive Hand Cream has good balance of ingredients that contain essential fatty acids WITHOUT feeling greasy.

This 1.76 oz tube (as of this writing) sells for $7.96 .

You can can get and ADDITIONAL 10% OFF (INCLUDING ONGOING SALES) by using the code: CHRISTY10

This hand cream is great for extremely dry hands because :

2nd ingredient is shea butter- this contains the essential fatty acids and also serves as an emollient and an occlusive agent.

3rd ingredient: Glycerin – humectant-brings moisture to the skin.

4th ingredient: Capric Triglyceride- combination of glycerin with coconut oil

5th ingredient: Olive Oil

This product does not have any fillers and is paraben free. It also has a natural slight scent of olive oil.


What you MUST first do BEFORE applying hand cream for extremely dry skin:

The best hand cream for dry cracked hands is NOT going to work as effectively IF you skin is not prepped BEFORE you apply the hand cream.

This ONE STEP will increase your skins ability to hold onto the moisture to allow for your skin heal.

How to treat Dry Cracked Hands

You must remove the dead skin to allow for this. If your hands have cuts, abrasions, or any type of open wounds,

AVOID harsh scrubs made out of:



-nut shells

-apricot seeds

Using a gentle exfoliating powder will help dissolve the dead skin without causing further irritation to the skin. Use this AFTER washing your hands and while your skin is still wet, use the exfoliating powder to help exfoliate the skin.

Watch this video to see a visual demonstration:

How to treat Dry Cracked Hands

If you have dry skin and would like more information on how to treat dry skin, here are some other blog posts on treating dry skin:

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