Best Neck Tightening Treatments Nebulyft Product Review

Looking for the best neck tightening treatments?

I tried the Nebulyft radio frequency neck tightening treatments for 45 days and if you watch in the video, there is a screen shot photo of myself BEFORE I started the 45 days journey.

In the video,I compare it to the recent footage of my neck . You will notice that on the center of my neck, you will see a section where it is significantly lighter than the rest of my neck. This is the area where I used the machine.

I specifically did NOT use the Nebulyft radio frequency machine on my face since I have hyper pigmentation on my face and did NOT want to risk getting more hyper pigmentation since the machine uses low level heat.

Imagine my surprise when the skin actually got lighter. In the last 2 weeks , I did use a serum containing Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is an anntioxidant. It is a carotenoid that gives wild salmon its orange color , shrimp its orange color as well as protecting microalgae from UV rays. It also gives some plants their color as well.

According to some studies, the antioxidant increases its protection when exposed to red, yellow and blue light (links below).

Astaxanthin reportedly is 6000x more powerful and stable than vitamin C.

You can read more about it here.

Skin Tightening Protocol:

As stated in the video, I used it for the first 2 weeks on lowest setting. I used it for 45 days straight.

The second set of 2 weeks, I used on the 2nd lowest setting. This is where I began to notice some slight changes to the laxity of my skin and the texture of my skin.

The LAST 2 weeks is where I saw the VISIBLE changes to my skin. This is where there was a visible changes to neck. It was visibly tighter and brighter. This is where I increased the level to the next level and NEVER went above that since the Nebulyft uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin and I am prone to hyper pigmentation.

I still saw visible changes on level 3 out of 5 levels.

I only used the Nebulyft for 2 minutes every evening. So, given the simplicity of the machine, the amount of time it took to start seeing visible results, this is one of the best neck tightening treatments I have ever used.

The ONLY downside to this is that the price is a bit steep. However, the price of the Nebulyft machine is much less than plastic surgery or laser surgery.


The Best Neck Tightening Treatments:

Should be:

-Easy to use

-Doesn’t take too much time

-Doesn’t take too much effort

-Gives visible results without discomfort

The Nebulyft Radio Frequency is one of the best neck tightening treatments you can use at home.

If you would like to find out more about this machine:

Radio Frequency Machine for Home Use

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Skin Tightening10.0/10

Skin Firmness9.9/10

Improved Skin Texture9.0/10

Easy to use10.0/10


  • - Ease of Use
  • - Fast visible results
  • - Easy to operate
  • - Long Battery Charge
  • - Easy to stick with


  • - Cost

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