Fire Community: Retire Early

Fire Community: Retire Early

Fire Community: Retire Early- Why I decided to retire early and quit my successful business.

For those of you who don’t know, FIRE stands for:





I am not really retired officially. I am more in the Recreationally Employed.

The very, very , very long hours for just over 12 years were really affecting my health. The average number of people I worked on was anywhere between 10-14 people (depending on the services) .

The repetitive motions wreaked havoc on my neck, from always looking down. My wrists , elbows and lower back would ache.

Why I quit my business:

Although I worked extremely hard to build up a large, loyal clientele, my physical health suffered, and my quality of life suffered. I was too tired and lacked energy to enjoy life.

At first, I hired employees, but in California, that became a headache with all the liability and taxes. Then I decreased my availability. This only increased my days that I was working in the boutique.

How to Retire early from own business:

I don’t go too much into detail in the video because the focus is why I decided to shut my business down to take my business more online vs having the responsibility of having a brick and mortar store. However, how I retired early from my business was over the course of my 12 years in business was :

-Getting AND staying out of debt.

-Saving an EXTREME amount of money for an extended period of time

-Investing wisely

The Secret to retiring early is simple but NOT easy.

As Dave Ramsey would say, “Live like no one else so you can live and give like no one else.”

Life After “Early Retirement”?

As far as the shop and doing services, yes, I am retired from that. However, I am NOT going to be perpetually laying on the couch and doing nothing. I do love to work, as long as it is something I am enjoying.

It’s just now, I have the freedom to work when I choose, work with people I enjoy working with, and have time to enjoy life while I am still healthy.

Like, I mentioned, I will be focusing more online . What that means is that I will be doing more youtube videos, and learning new skills for the online realm, working on new projects, and offering ONLINE CONSULTATIONS so if clients would like to be evaluated more indepth and specifically designed for their individual skin based on the products they use, their lifestyle, etc, they can do so.

This will include an in depth form, photos , and live online consultation.

How to apply skin care products

If you have :


The BEST Type of Sunscreen for Oily Breakout-prone Skin!


Treating Hyperpigmentation Naturally (Look for these ingredients)

Fine lines and wrinkles

5 Anti Aging Myths

and you would like to have a professional evaluate your skin, the products you are using, and the correct protocol for your skin, this may be something you could consider.

You can also watch our playlist for the following skin conditions:

Acne Playlist

Hyper pigmentation Playlist

Anti Aging Tips Playlist

On our youtube channel, we also offer:

Beauty News


Product Reviews

If you have any requests for what you would like to see more, please let us know in the comments.

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