How Middle Age Hormones Affect Your Skin-acne, Facial Hair, Age Spots, Wrinkles

How Middle Age Hormones Affect Your Skin-acne, Facial Hair, Age Spots, Wrinkles

ACNE: Hormone fluctuations due to age and/or stress can cause the male Androgen levels to rise which leads to more sebum production. The bacteria that causes the break outs tend to “stick” to the oil and cause acne break outs. The ever evolving balancing trick is to address the break outs is to :

  1. Lower the pH of the skin to make the skin more acidic to keep the bacteria levels low.
  2. Increase cellular turnover rate by using the CORRECT exfoliation methods for your skin type. NOTE** Some exfoliation methods can spread the bacteria and cause MORE BREAK OUTS.
  3. Balance out moisture levels to balance out oil production.


As skin ages and produces less elastin and collagen, the pores on the face become larger. If a good skin care regimen is not maintained, the trapped dead skin cells and clogged oil can stretch out the pores and cause them to expand even more.

SOLUTION: You need to increase exfoliation. By removing dead skin cells, oil is able to get up to the surface of the skin instead of becoming trapped in the pore. Thus, making the pore appear larger.

By exfoliating regularly, the skins surface will become more refined and smoother. Here are are the best types of exfoliation for your skin.


Estrogen and Progesterone are tied to hormone induced hyper pigmentation. Hormone fluctuations caused by puberty, hormone pills, birth control pills, thryoid medication pills, peri-menopause, and menopause affect these hormones production.

There are several methods of treating hyper pigmentation by using brightening agents, bleaching agents, exfoliation, using the correct products that affect the pH of the skin in how products are metabolized in the skin.

The biggest challenge that I have found is that clients sometime want to mix and match products on their own due to price and the results are mixed or neutralized because of the disruption of pH.

Here are some ways you can start to lighten up dark spots. Remember, those age spots did NOT develop overnight. It took years. So be patient, it will take awhile of doing these things regularly to lighten the spots and keep them away.


Lower estrogen levels can redistribute fat levels to the stomach, thighs, and buttocks which can also lead to a loss of supportive fat tissue to the skin of the face, neck,hands, and arms……I call it gravity.

The hormonal changes can reduce oil production which also leads to drier skin. Using pharmaceutical grade products that have clinically shown to increase collagen and elastin production leads to thickening of the skin to increase skin elasticity and plumpness.

You can also “trick your skin to look younger” by doing this almost everyday.


Lower levels of estrogen can cause testosterone related growth increase of facial hair in the areas around the chin, mouth, and nose areas. When women are younger and experiencing an increase of male hormones, breakouts around the same area are related to this.

As women age and oil production decreases, the break outs can then be replaced by facial hair…wonderful…..Sometimes, women in their 40’s can experience BOTH breakouts and increased facial hair. This is when exfoliation to this area is extremely important.

When you are older, it is important to exfoliate with the right product. At this age, as the skin thins, it is best to avoid harsh physical exfoliants. Please consult with a professional who knows your skin to recommend the correct exfoliant to use.

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