How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions - Make Them Last Longer

How to take care of eyelash extensions to make them last longer.  The three main enemies of the eyelash extension glue are:

  • Water/Moisture
  • Oil
  • Lint/Dust/Environmental Pollutants

Whether it's facial products, cosmetics, working out, taking a shower, or any of the things we are going to discuss, everything will relate back to one of the three things mentioned above.

Tips on How to take care of  Eyelash Extensions to Make Them Last Longer:

THE FIRST 48 HOURS: The first 48 hours are the most important to avoid any of the enemies mentioned above because this is the curing time to make sure the glue thoroughly cures onto your natural lashes. For best results BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT - take a shower to completely wash off all eye make up (especially mascara and eyeliner) and all the oils on your face and eyelashes.  It is also best to wash your hair so the oils from your scalp do not get onto your face via the hair.  Avoid putting any lotion on your face before your appointment.  This is to help prevent getting any oil transfer from your face, onto the technician's gloves, and onto your lashes. The best tip on how to take care of your eyelash extensions to make them last longer is to make sure that even BEFORE the eyelash extensions are even applied, your natural lashes are clean, free from oil, lint, and make up. AFTER YOUR eyelash extension service, do everything you can to avoid getting them wet.

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions -AVOID OIL:

If you are planning to wear eye make up, avoid using any oil-based or wax-based cosmetics, such as eyeliner pencils. This includes on BOTH the upper and lower lids. Instead, try using a liquid eyeliner. Make sure to avoid using waterproof eyeliner or waterproof mascara.

A product that works well with eyelash extensions is the eyeliner from BLINC. They have a regular eyeliner and a super thin eyeliner, BOTH in pen form, so they are really easy to handle. They are very water resistant and can be easily removed with oil-free eye make up remover or by gently rubbing with water. They are also rub/smudge/smear proof.

Mascara for Eyelash Extensions:

Avoid using regular mascara with eyelash extensions. This is because regular mascara formulations are designed to be smear/rub/smudge proof on regular lashes that have oil . It is designed to STAY on the lashes. Mascara for eyelash extensions are formulated to be removed very easily.

So if you are planning to wear mascara, EVEN just on the lower lashes, then you need to use mascara for eyelash extensions. If you are planning on wearing mascara ON the eyelash extensions, then ONLY APPLY ON THE TIPS.

**If you want to see what your eyelash extensions would look like if you were to use regular mascara, then please watch the video above.

Another tip to make your eyelash extensions last longer is to avoid using eye makeup remover wipes and most eye make up removers. Most have some sort of oil. ***Be careful, some claim to be oil-free but if they have an oily residue, avoid using these with eyelash extensions.

Two I recommend are:

The Gentle Eye Make Up Remover and the Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover Gel. Both are water-based and have NO OIL. There is no oily residue. The only downfall to the Dermalogica Eye Make Up Remover Gel is, it is not that easy to reapply make up immediately.

The Gentle Eye Make Up Remover is much easier to remove make up and reapply eye make up immediately.

Read the review here

Eye Cream vs Eye Gel: If you are using an under-eye product, it is best to use an eye gel while wearing eyelash extensions.

Use a gel-based cleanser. Avoid using a cream-based cleanser as the cream can leave some oil on the skin. If you have combination skin, sensitive skin and/or dry skin, The Image Ormedic Balancing Cleanser works well with eyelash extensions.

Read the Review

If you would like to know more tips on how to make your eyelash extensions last longer and how to take care of your eyelash extensions, such as:

How to brush your eyelash extensions

How to wash your face with eyelash extensions

How to take a shower with eyelash extensions

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