Sleep Wrinkles:  How To Treat Sleep Wrinkles -Does an Anti Aging Pillow Work?

Sleep Wrinkles: How To Treat Sleep Wrinkles -Does an Anti Aging Pillow Work?

How to treat Sleep Wrinkles Anti Aging treatments and Fillers won’t Work


Aging Wrinkles vs Sleep Wrinkles

Do you have wrinkles that are horizontal across the forehead, the number “11” lines in between the brows, crows feet around the eyes or lines around the mouth?

These are usually caused by repetitive movements such as smiling, squinting, frowning, or squinting.

These wrinkles are expression wrinkles or dynamic lines, eventually becoming permanent even when the face is relaxed and expressionless.

These types of wrinkles can be treated easier with prevention such as using sunscreen and using anti aging skin care products , fillers or laser.

Sleep wrinkles cannot be treated with typical treatments.

Sleep Wrinkles

According to Dr. Richard Glogau, creator of the one of the most referred to “Wrinkle Scale”, sleep wrinkles cannot be treated , they need to be prevented because contractions do not cause them.

Sleep wrinkles can range from 1-3 lines in a row.

Instead of wrinkles being caused by repetitive expressions, sleep wrinkles are caused by the repetitive compression and shifting of the muscles and skin from the sleep habits of where the face is on the pillow.

Facial lines and facial imbalances are common among side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The image shows when someone sleeps on their side, the weight of their head weighing typically 6-11 pounds of compression and the shifting of our muscles and tissues causing friction on the skin against the pillow.

Dr. Samuel Stegman who studied sleep creases and wrinkles would use a pillow or hand to accentuate the sleep lines on someone’s face.


Sleep Wrinkle Prevention Tip:

The best way to avoid sleep lines is to avoid sleeping on your side or using a pillow that prevents the nightly repetitive heavy compression and tissue shifting of the face.

One of the ways to help alleviate the positioning of the neck, head, and face is by using a pillow that supports the pressure points of these areas.

Some companies have started marketing these pillows as “Anti Aging Pillows” as these were specifically designed to alleviate compression and shifting of the muscles and skin of the face for side sleepers.

Sleep and Glow Pillow Product Review:

FULL DISCLOSURE: I did receive a complimentary sleep and glow pillow for an honest review.

I waited until I used the Sleep and Glow pillow for a full two weeks before I would review the product. It is now going on three weeks as I write this review.

Initially, when I first saw the price, I was a tad bit surprised since I have paid for similar pillows that were much less. HOWEVER, after experiencing this pillow and having quality sleep, I would definitely pay this price for the pillow!


**There is a special code at the bottom of this page.**

After the first 10 days. I noticed that my neck wasn’t sore and I had a lot more energy because I was experiencing better sleep.

I work very long hours with my head down performing facials, eyelash extension services, and waxing services so I am always struggling with tense neck pains.

I am also a side sleeper so I would occasionally wake up to sleep creases on the side of my face so I was really looking forward to using this pillow.

I also found that I did not experience puffiness around my jawline and eyes after eating a dinner of foods high in sodium such as Japanese Food (which I eat quite frequently).

The Sleep and Glow pillow has a slightly elevated arch where the neck is supported and on the sides of the pillow, it concaves so that your face is not touching or rubbing against the pillow to prevent any compressions or “smushing” of the face.

  • 1Face cradle for sleeping on your side
  • 2Zone for head positioning
  • 3Head-cradle for sleeping on your back
  • 4Upper head support
  • 5Neck support
  • 6Shoulder cradle


This Sleep and Glow pillow also can help support your neck so that your neck won’t be scrunched down which can in turn, increase neck wrinkles .

If you are a side sleeper, and you starting to notice vertical lines down the chest, please check out this product:

Chest and Neck Silicone Pads

3 Anti Aging Tips for Neck and Chest

Sleep and Glow Pillow Special Code- If you decide that you would like to purchase this, the special code is: christy10

Here is the link:



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