Kylie Skin Care Product Review 30 Days Later

Kylie Skin Care Product Review 30 Days Later- in this blog post we will go over : (this post had to be reposted-it was originally posted the same day the video went up on June 27, 2019 4:00pm)

-Product Review

-Product Ingredients

-Ideal skin type this may be better for

***First, this video is NOT being sponsored. I did personally pay for the products . This is also in response to my younger viewers who requested I do a video review through email and my social media. In addition to my younger clients.


By the time I went on the website, the full set was sold out . I chose NOT to purchase the vanilla milk toner , walnut scrub, and eye cream based on the ingredients list. So I will NOT be reviewing these products as I feel it is NOT fair to do a review on a product I have not tried.

Kylie Skin Product Review for Foaming Face Wash– 5fl oz $24


This foaming face wash as you can see in the video, is created by the aerator pump. It has a luxurious feeling foam that goes a long way. It has a fresh clean scent similar to soap.


As the product foamed up on my hand and the scent was really pleasing, I was disappointed to find that it did not clean my face very well. It did not effectively remove my make up and sunscreen. Even when I did the double cleanse method so I used my cleansing oil in addition to cleansing my face twice with this cleanser.

Completely removing sunscreen can be a challenge since it is created to stay on the skin for as long possible. It is designed to be smear resistant, water resistant and sweat resistant so therefore, this cleanser could not stand up to the test even after three rounds of cleansing (this could be why it led to the tiny bumps I started to form after a few days of usage).

Also, I will add that different skin types and conditions respond differently to various skin care products such as:


-skin sensitivities

-break out prone

-climate (humid vs arid climates)

-lifestyle (stress, sleep, smoker,etc)

so given that: in my particular circumstance in which the product was evaluated was that I have mature skin, I live in an arid climate, I have long days that are stressful, and my skin use to using clinical skin care.

Given that, I found that this skin care line is best suited for younger skin and for normal-combo skin types.

I don’t recommend this skin care line for aging, break out prone, struggling with acne, or those trying to treat fine lines and wrinkles or hyperpigmentation.

This is based on results I observed after 30 days use and the ingredients in the products.

To be fair, judging by the light pink packaging, it seems as though they are aiming for a younger female demographic . Kylie Skin NEVER claimed that it was a clinical skin care line that aimed to treat specific skin condition such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles or even hyperpigmentation.

Kylie Skin Product Review Foaming Face Wash Ingredients:

Based the Kylie Skin website and as of this writing, it states the foaming face wash is “packed with Vitamin C and E”.

Vitamin C is highly oxidative and breaks down very quickly when exposed to heat, air, and light.

Given that the bottle is see through, the Vitamin C is not stable enough to withstand light. The vitamin C is not on the skin long enough to improve the skins moisture and improve elasticity , let alone remain on the skin long enough for even minuscule penetration.

The Vitamin C or its derivatives nor the Vitamin E is listed directly rather according to the website it says that the antioxidants are in the kiwi seed oil. This is listed third from the BOTTOM of the list.

***PRO TIP***- If you are buying a product for the anti aging benefits of Vitamin C or Vitamin E, then focus on serums and creams vs cleansers. It doesn’t stay on the skin long enough to perform.


Instead focus on the pH balancing cleansing properties of the skin.

The hydrating properties of the Kylie Skin Foaming Face wash are:

-glycerin-5th ingredient

-Sodium Hyaluronate-2nd from the bottom

3 possible irritants for sensitive an inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea/Eczema:

Cocamidopropyl Betaine-derived from coconut oil . This is used as a surfactant-for some, they can develop contact dermatitis.

Citric Acid


-Sodium Benzoate – commonly used as a preservative. Most skin types can tolerate this but when combined with acids such as L-Ascorbic Acid or citric acid- this can lead to sensitive skin types developing dermatitis over time.

Anti Aging Ingredients you should NEVER MIX

Kylie Jenner Skin care Product Review Vitamin C Serum : .7 fluid oz -$28


-Absorbs well

-fragrance free

-Does not feel heavy.

-Vitamin C derivative may be better suited for more sensitive skin types


-This really isn’t a con unless you are looking for a vitamin C serum that is L-Ascorbic. This uses the fat soluble vitamin C derivative vs the the actual Vitamin C.

-This may be better suite for sensitive skin type and not quite as effective for darker hyperpigmentation


Anti Aging Ingredients listed:

Tetrahexydecl Ascorbate- 2nd ingredient on the list. Lipid soluble form of Vitamin C. May be less reactive for most skin types.

Tocopherol Acetate-Vitamin E – 7th ingredient oil soluble.

Ferulic Acid- increases the efficacy of Vitamin C and E. Highly effective as a topical antioxidant. Think of this ingredient as a BFF to both Vitmain C and E.

Humectant ingredient-

-Glycerin and Panthenol

Emollient Ingredients:

-Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed oil-contains triglyceride of linoleic acid-this helps replenish the polyunsaturated fats in the stratum corneum.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract- Green Tea leaf extract-polyphenols that are considered anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

***PRO TIP***- This could be used as a good light weight moisturizer for oily, break out prone skin or a anti aging serum for older skin types who may not want to spend a lot of money on skin care.

Typically, from what I have observed with clients and my own skin, you usually will start to see visible results at the 4-6 week mark depending on the health of the skin when you initially start using the product.

The biggest visible difference is usually the 12 week mark with consistent useage.

Clinical studies have also shown results in the:

-4th week

-8th week

-12th week

which is why I did the review after 30 days usage.

After the 30 days, I found that some of my hyperpigmentation got a tad bit darker . On the left side of my face, I have a spot that I look at to determine if the hyper pigmentation has become darker or starts to lighten to determine any products that treat hyper pigmentation.

This product may be better suited for younger skin to prevent or slow down aging OR for sensitive skin types that cannot tolerate L-Ascorbic Acid based serums.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care for 30s

If you are considering using the serums to treat hyperpigmentation, or aging skin, there are better alternatives, comparatively speaking.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for 40s and 50s

Kylie Skin Product Review for Face Moisturizer-1.75 oz $24

As you can see in the video, I initially thought the added pump dispenser to the tube was rather nifty. However, with continued usage, I found myself having to squeeze the tube to get the lotion to pump out the product effectively. So this wasn’t the most effective way to dispense the face moisturizer.


-Fragrance free

-Does NOT feel greasy

-Medium weight moisturizer



-If you are looking for anti aging ingredients, this does not have any.

-Not a heavy duty moisturizer . A mediocre moisturizer as far as what is in the product

Humectant Ingredients:

-Glycerin-6th ingredient

-Sodium Hyaluronate-6th from the bottom

-Aloe Vera-

-Jojoba esters-4th ingredient-combination of esters from jojoba oil and hydrogenated jojoba oil

-Serves as both an emollient AND occlusive. Really good combination with humectants like glycerin. Waxy substance.

-Shea Butter-5th Ingredient-can be both an emollient AND occlusive ingredient.

Very beneficial for dry skin because it is higher level of Oleic Fatty acids.

This ingredient for some oily skin types may start to develop bumpy skin over time. If you still want to use this, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid bumpy skin.

Best Moisturizer for oily break out prone skin

Oat Bran Extract-contains beta glucan-natural anti-inflammatory

Sweet Orange Oil-may cause sensitizing reaction such as dermatitis for some. This ingredients is in many products and not usually sensitizing for most people. This is generally used as a fragrance, is anti bacterial , can be use as a binder, emulsion stabilizer, and skin conditioning agent.

If you have dry, aging skin, you may opt for a cream that is higher in humectant and occlusive agents with some added benefits such as peptides, lighteners, and anti oxidants.

Md Dermaceutical Overnight Repair Cream

This formulation my tend to work more for normal, combo oily skin that is in the age range of 20s-30s. If you are in your 30s, this would work well with an anti aging serum.

Best Anti Aging Tips for 30s

It is nearly impossible to come up with a skin care line of products that will meet ALL the needs of every skin type.

For example, a person who has oily, break out prone skin may fare better with a cleanser that has more anti bacterial properties and a formula that will effectively break down oil , make up and dirt without stripping the skin an restores the acid mantle.

Looking for a cleanser that does this? This cleanser has consistently been a best seller at out boutique for over 5 years.

You can use this cleanser with acne treating products . It does NOT have any sulphates and is paraben free. It is a gel based cleanser that you can use BOTH on your face AND body and really helps break outs and bumps over the body. It goes A LONG WAY.


Md Dermaceutical Duo Action Cleanser-non foaming cleanser effectively treats Keratosis Pilaris, addresses three types of bumps (flesh colored bumps, red bumps, and pustules)

Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser– gel based foaming cleanser that contains ahas, bhas, and jojoba esters beads to gently exofoliating face (not as as strong as the cleanser above.). Travel Size is available.

Dry, Dehydrate, Aging Skin– gentle concentrate foaming cleanser that feels luxurious. Goes a long way and works very well with anti aging products without stripping the skin. Can also be used on the body. SAMPLE SIZE is available.


It is not easy to formulate and market skin care products. Make up is a completely different ball game than skin care. Make can hide the skin and skin care can heal or harm the skin. I do commend Kylie Jenner for taking on such a large feat to get into skin care.

It is easy for us to critique na review proucts but it is NOT easy to formulate skin care products. She states that “this is just the beginning” on her insert inside the package. This leads me to believe that she may be coming out with additional skin care products for different types of skin to address the needs of aging, acneic, hyper pigmented and sensitive skin.


Guessing what type of skin care products works well with your skin type?

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Remember, make up is an ART and skin care is a SCIENCE.

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