Lira Clinical Sunscreen - Oil-free And Hydrating Product Review

Lira Clinical Sunscreen - Oil-free And Hydrating Product Review

The Lira Clinical Sunscreen Oil-Free and Hydrating Product Review will go over some of the benefits of the sunscreens that most sunscreens do not have.

The Lira Clinical Sunscreen comes in two formulations:

-Lira Clinical Sunscreen OIL-FREE – for Combination-oily, breakout-prone, and Acne skin types

-Lira Clinical Sunscreen HYDRATING – for normal-to-dry, dehydrated, aging skin types and sensitive skin types

If you have combination oily or normal to oily, the Lira Clinical Oil Free formulation may be better.

****If you have asian skin, black skin, or darker skin type Fitzpatrick skin type 4-6 AND you have hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation Treatments for Dark Skin

3 Myths of Melasma

If you considering using this product to address uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, or melasma, please consider using this with SEVERAL other hyperpigmentation products for a multi layered approach.

This sunscreen works very well with this exfoliating product: Daily Scrub with lighteners and brighteners

Age Reverse Brightening SerumOil-Free Sunscreen

The Oil-Free sunscreen has a very light weight, velvety, matte finish. It is both a sunscreen and moisturizer for oily skin types.

The formulation both rejuvenates and strengthens the skin and brings down inflammation brought on by Sun, wind, heat, Acne products, AHA and BHA products, and over exfoliation.

Benefits of Lira Clinical Oil-Free Sunscreen:

-21% Zinc Oxide – Mineral-based sunscreen. Does not clog pores. Physical sunscreen. Mineral that is known to reduce inflammation and is naturally absorbent.

Ingredient Highlights:

-BOTH UVA and UVB protetction

-Sea Oak Extract – Natural SPF and skin brightener

-Yarrow Root – Releases heat preventing possible pigmentation

-Plant Stem Cells – Cell protection and repair

-Vitamin C – Antioxidant and skin brightener

-Vitamin E – Antioxidant and Hydrator

Hydrating Formula:

This sunscreen is great for dry, dehydrated, aging skin. It has a high amount of humectants that bring moisture to the skin, along with Peptides for aging skin.

-21% zinc oxide – Anti inflamatory. Physical-based sunscreen

-Hydrating peptide technology

-Advanced anti-glycation technology (glycation breaks down Collagen and Elastin)

-Fenugreek Extract – Tightens and lightens skin

-Peach Kernel Oil

-Niacinimide – 6 Anti Aging Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin

-Lilac and Echinacea plant stem cells – Ssing peptide technology- Advanced Anti Aging Ingredients that work

-Antioxidant Red Rasberry (bioflavinoids)

Lira Clinical Sunscreen




Anti Aging Benefits10.0/10

Lightening Benefits10.0/10



  • - Anti Aging Benefits
  • - Sunscreen Moisturizer
  • - Lightening Benefits
  • - Good for Sensitive Skin
  • - Mineral Based Sun Protection Factor


  • - Only comes in 30SPF
  • - No larger size available
  • - Sometimes Longer Restock time

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