Over Hyped Skin Care Products

Why would anyone use these over hyped skin care products? There are tens of thousands skin care products on the market and based on ingredients alone, it is beyond me why anyone would keep buying these over hyped skin care products.

Some of them have been marketing very well by using A list stars, and others are simple long standing drug store faves.

This list is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list and we may do more if we receive more feedback on which lists to do .

One of the most Over rated skin care products CLEANSER:

This cleanser has not only has a very high number of reviews but it has one of the most highly rated reviews for cleansers.

The original ingredient only had 8 ingredients.

3 of which were parabens

It had absolutely no beneficial ingredients for the skin.

The new UPDATED ingredients list contains some of the following:

After water, it has glycerin (humectant)

-Peg200-Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmitate-thickening agent

-Butylene Glycol-Coats the surface of the skin (humectant)

-Arcylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer-used as a thickening agent

-Sulfate-Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Basically a blend of some skin “conditioning” agents, surfactants/ and occlusive agents topping it off with a masking fragrance and methylparaben

pH range of this product: 6.3-6.8

Our skins pH ranges from 4.5-5.5

Cleansers purpose is to cleanse the skin without stripping the acid mantle. It is to set the pH of the skin to prepare for the next product.

Depending on what the formulation is, it should have some ingredients that are:

-Hydrating (dry dehydrated skin)

-Exfoliating (anti aging)

-Calming (prone to redness)

-Lightening (for dark spots and uneven skin tone)

It blows my mind that people love this cleanser and that dermatologists actually recommend this.

I think people love this cleanser because it is CHEAP. Why else would anyone love this cleanser?? IT has NOT benefits for the skin.

The LEAST expensive price on the internet as of this writing was $6.39.

You are over paying for:


-Peg 200 Hydrogenated glyceryl palmitate

-metharcylate copolymer

-Masking fragrance

-Sodium Laureth Sulfate

-Hydrogenated Castor Oil


Can you guess this cleanser?

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser

Which Cleanser is best for me?

Combination Skin?


COMBO OILY, Oily, and Break Out Prone?




This is one of the most over hyped department store moisturizers .

This moisturizer is:

-one of the oldest moisturizers (around 50 years old)

-one of best selling moisturizers -sold every 4.87 seconds globally , according to one article.

-THE best selling product consistently for this famous skin care company.


This moisturizer has a HUGE loyal following.

They reformulated the product about 7 years ago.

So you would think, that after looking at the ingredients list, it would be this amazing, dramatically different moisturizer set apart from the rest.

If you haven’t guessed it already, it is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream.

This lotion also has been recommended by dermatologists to clients who have acne….WHY??!

Let’s look at the ingredients list:

-2nd ingredient is mineral oil

Paraffinum Liquidum-Latin for liquid paraffin or mineral oil…again


Petrolatum-occlusive agent that is NOT recommended for break out prone skin. Comedogenic

Sesame Seed Oil-Occlusive Agent

Lanolin Alcohol-Basically sheep sebum that is processed with acetic acid and lye. A fatty alcohol.

Amongst other ingredients, it ends with :

-yellow 6

-yellow 5

-red 33

According to their website it is recommended for:


-Combo Dry

-Combo Oily

Combo Oily? This skin type has areas of normal sebum production, dry areas, AND oily areas. Why would they recommend a lotion that is full of waxy substances to someone who over produces sebum?

This is like applying diluted shortening on your face!

Although, I wouldn’t recommend it but applying Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be more beneficial on the skin than applying Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer on the skin for someone who has oily skin.

According to the website (as of this writing) , you are paying $28 for a bottle of petroleum and sheep sebum with artificial colors. I would say that this is one of the most over hyped skin care products.


This moisturizer is also sold in the department stores but unlike it having a more affordable price tag, this cream has aa very expensive price tag. So not only is it one of the most over hyped skin care products, it is one of the most expensive skin care products.

As of this writing, you can purchase a:

-.5oz jar for $90


-8 oz cream for $1250.00

This cream has 121 4.5 star reviews. This cream also has used celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to promote this product.

Let’s go over the ingredients list:

2nd ingredient-cyclopentasiloxane-silicone

3rd ingredient-petroleum

Other ingredients: Phenyl Trimmethicone-silicone-gives a velvety smooth silky feel

-microcrystalline wax

-Sesame Seed Oil

Ending with Sodium Benzoate (preservative)/ Denatured Alcohol and fragrance

It also has a long list of different extracts .

It seems like the main humectant being used that is different from most moisturizers is seaweed extract. Seaweed does have a high moisture binding and is a good coagulant .

However, does this sound like it has $1250 worth of products in it to justify the price???

Personally, I don’t think so.

In case you haven’t guessed it, it is LA MER MOISTURIZING CREME

Clinique Clarifying “Lotion” Review:

For someone getting started in skin care, the sheer number of different skin care products would overwhelm anyone. Clinique renamed their toners,”Clarifying Lotion”. How confusing is that for someone just getting started in skin care?

According to their website, Clique offers formulated for different skin types coordinating with the number 1-4, with the exception of their Acne Clarifying Lotion.

It is also suspicious that they ALL HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF REVIEWS on their website except for the Acne Clarifying Lotion which has 540 reviews.

If you look CAREFULLY at the ingredients list, you will notice that formulation 1-4 have almost the same ingredients with the exception of a few ingredients to help the skin type and different colorants. For example, the DRY skin formulation has glycerin and sodium hyaluronate…but then it has witch hazel AND alcohol…both of which can be very drying for dry skin.

It’s basically:


-Denatured Alcohol (2nd ingredient)

-Colorants-Violet #2, Red 6, Orange 4, Yellow, Green 5


Here are some ingredients to look for in your moisturizer:

The BEST Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Saying Clinique is good for the skin is like saying Fruit Loops is part of this nutritious breakfast.

That is my rant.

What other products do you think are over hyped skin care products?

Write in the comments below.

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