How To Apply Skincare Products -A Quick Step By Step Overview

How To Apply Skincare Products -A Quick Step By Step Overview

*This is a QUICK overview of skincare products and how to use them. For a FULL explanation check out our other blog post and video by CLICKING HERE:

How to apply skincare products – A quick step by step overview on how to apply each product correctly.; Are you washing your face and using your skincare products CORRECTLY?? You may be diluting their effects and not even know it!

For a more in depth explanation of each product and how to get the MOST out of them, check out our other blog post! Here is a quick overview of the correct order of your skincare products:

1. CLEANSER – The first step is to cleanse your face to establish the proper pH so the rest of your products work and their pH’s are not neutralized.; If you are using SOAP, find out why you should NOT BE USING SOAP.

2. EXFOLIATION – The second step is to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin cells so the rest of your skincare products can be more readily absorbed into the skin.; Don’t know the best exfoliation type for your skin?; Find out here.

3. SERUM, EYE CREAM or EYE GEL – The third step is to apply your serum to clean, dry, exfoliated skin. Wait 5-10 minutes or so until it is completely dry.; Don’t know which one is better for you?

**If you are using a serum AND an eye cream or eye gel, the serum goes first. Wait until the serum is completely dry, then apply the eye cream or eye gel. Wait until the eye cream or gel is completely dry, then move on to the next step.

**If you are using a Hyaluronic Acid serum, it’s okay for it to remain wet when moving on to the next step.

4. TONER – The fourth step is the toner, which increases the skin’s ability to hold in the moisture. Spray 7-10 times around the face until it is completely saturated.; This also helps your skin look young and dewey.

**If you have oily skin, toner is VERY important because, believe it or not, once you apply your moisturizer your skin will produce LESS oil by being properly moisturized and by using the correct toner for your skin type.

5. MOISTURIZER – The fifth and final step (unless you’re using a spot treatment for breakouts). Apply your moisturizer while your face is STILL wet with the toner. Toners actually increase the efficacy of moisturizers creating a MOISTURE BARRIER.; How to find the right type of moisturizer for your skin type.

*6. SPOT TREATMENT – If you have breakouts and use a spot treatment, this is the LAST product you apply to your skin.

We hope this helps with how to apply skincare products and; your skincare routine.; For more skincare tips and tricks, keep a lookout for our next blog post and video!






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