Relaxing Tea Facial

The Relaxing Tea Facial – In this blog post, we are going to talking about how to use tea as a part of a facial treatment. In this particular post, we will focusing on a relaxing tea help soothe your skin as well as drinking the tea to help you relax.


You can use different types of teas to in your DIY tea face mask or facial treatment at home. You can use tea as a hydrating mist,, a part of an essence, to help soothe the skin.

***Depending on the type of pre existing skin condition or skin type you have, other skin care products you may be using, you may have some contraindications that may make your skin react. ***

You may want to :

1.). Ask your doctor/skin care professional before trying this.

2.). Apply a test patch first. Wait 48 hours to see if you have a skin reaction before proceeding.

***I am NOT being paid to promote their products. I did receive my choice to tea product to try and to review the product .


Teami Relax Blend-peppermint tea benefits:

In this particular example, I am using the Teami Relax Blend for the Relaxing Tea Facial. I chose this based on the ingredients and because it was whole leaf. Whole leaf is much better for taste. Tea bags typically have the rejected parts of whole leaf so the benefits are not as concentrated and oxidation can occur faster in tea leaf remnants.

According to the label (as of this writing), it says that the Teami Relax Tea Blend contains:

Peppermint-benefit of peppermint is that it aids in digestion

Yarrow-closely related to the chamomile/chysanthemums family-similar to chamomile-so like Chamomile, it can help reduce inflammation (especially digestive tract)

-helps with wound healing

-helps with anxiety and insomnia

Lemongrass which is a cousin of Citronella. Citronella has anti microbial properties such as anti fungal and antiseptic. It also aids in digestion, gas, and bloating. This also can help relax you.

Orange Peel– It has beneficial flavinoids, antioxidants, and phyto chemicals. Although orange peel has phyto chemicals that can help lighten/ brighten the skin for dark spots, you would need a concentrated orange peel powder in an entirely different recipe and that is NOT the focus of this relaxing tea facial.

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Because it is listed as last, the orange peel is more for flavoring and scent. This is more focused on soothing the skin. If you are planning this for a relaxing tea facial, please note that some people are sensitive to orange peel on their skin, so please test patch on the area of the skin.

-Valerian Root-“Natures Valium”– may help with drowsiness so women who are pregnant , nursing, taking medication or taken with alcohol may experience side effects.

When using tea to add to masks and creams, you may need more concentrated forms of this so since this is DIY, I am making this as simple as possible.

Relaxing Tea Facial: What you will need:

-2 TBSP (or more) of the tea blend (test patch beforehand before making the tea too concentrated)

-hot water

-cup/ bowl

-tea strainer

-2-3 2×2 non woven gauze (no lint) non-woven

-several 4×4

You can cool it down completely by putting it in the fridge (after it cools)- this is if you have actively inflamed skin.

If you have redness and are carrying heat, you can apply this in two ways:

First, you can place the tea in a mist bottle sprayer such as this one since this really creates a very fine continuous mist and leave some for the bowl.

How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Do this ONE THING

After gently cleansing and exfoliating, spray the entire face/ neck/ chest until saturated.

Take your 2×2 or 4×4 gauze pad and dip it int the cooled or lukewarm tea. Squeeze out the excess ( the gauze pads should still have enough tea to that when you slightly squeeze the pad, excess tea should come out) and apply to the inflamed areas.


After squeezing out the excess tea from the gauze pads, lay completely flat in a ziploc bag and freeze for a few minutes until the gauze pads get hard.

The frozen gauze pads will be hard, work through until the gauze pads become malleable and apply the very cold gauze pads on your cheeks, the smaller gauze pads over your eyes and chin.

(Please watch videos for demonstration).

Leave on for 10-20 minutes, re-soaking the gauze pads so that it remains cool.

This relaxing tea facial can be should not be used with other serums until the tea is completely rinsed off so that it will not counteract with other leave on products.

The relaxing tea facial can be done 1-2x a week or more if your skin is inflamed and you are not allergy prone.

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