Squalane:  The Ordinary Squalane Oil Product Review

Squalane: The Ordinary Squalane Oil Product Review


Squalane: THE ORDINARY SQUALANE OIL PRODUCT REVIEW: The product review for The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane Oil is based on the ingredients list and the label as a part of our “Read the Label, Folks” series on our youtube channel.


Squalene vs Squalane

The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane Oil– Squalane can be BOTH derived from animals sources such as fish liver oil (namely, shark liver). However, if it is derived from plant sources then it can be from :

-Palm Oil

-Rice Bran

-Olive Oil

-Wheat Germ

However, the label does not specify where exactly it comes from just that it comes from a non animal source.

This product comes:

-fragrance free

-paraben free

-alcohol free

-Gluten free

The Ordinary Squalene: How to Use –

According to the website and label, it does say that it is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. However, based on my experience of working with many, many skin types, there are very few products that work well with ALL skin types.

Based on my professional experience working with all skin types, namely, acne and hyperpigmentation, Squalane seems to be better suited for clients who have drier, aging skin that lacks oil or is slow to produce oil so the skins barrier is compromised.

Some of my clients who had dry sensitive skin really improved in skin texture using squalane, others developed a patchy rash. Although it is suitable for sensitive skin types and most skin types, if you are extremely sensitive, like with all products, you may need to do a test patch.

If you have dry, aging skin, please make sure you add moisture (water based products such as water based serums, Hyaluronic Acid serums) FIRST, then apply the oil on top.

Squalane Oil and Break Outs:

Some people who have oily skin types and break outs do well with squalane oil.

However, based on my experience, skin types that have oily skin but is dry tend to do better with the squalane oil than oily skin AND break outs.

Squalane oil can promote an increase in oil on the skins surface, which for skin lacking oil, is beneficial. For break out prone skin types, this may not be the desired result.

If you would like to see other facial oils as options:

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This product review is short because it only has one ingredient, which is squalane oil.


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The only way to really know if this product works for you is if you try it on your skin.

***NOTE**- Some of my clients who had oily skin and break out prone skin tried it and it initially helped. However, some of them starting developing break outs after a month of using, so please note that. This may NOT be you, but with full disclosure, this is a possibility.

***I am NOT being compensated from the product with free product or any form of payment. However, some of these links are affiliate links so if you click on the link and you purchase a product, I may receive a small commission from Amazon.

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The Ordinary Squalane Oil


OIL FREE0.0/10


No Oily Residue8.5/10

Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES8.0/10

Suitable for Sensitive skin9.0/10


  • - Fragrance Free
  • - Paraben Free
  • - Alcohol Free
  • - Only one ingredient
  • - Price


  • - May not be suitable for Oily or Acne Skin types
  • - May increase surface oil
  • - May increase break outs for some skin types
  • - Test patch for sensitive skin

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