The Best Type Of Sunscreen For Oily Breakout-prone Skin!

The Best Type Of Sunscreen For Oily Breakout-prone Skin!

The BEST type of sunscreen for oily; break out prone skin is a matte finish sunscreen that is more mineral based than chemical based.

Are you struggling to find the right SPF moisturizer for your OILY;or BREAKOUT-PRONE;skin?? It can be frustrating! Most feel too greasy or uncomfortable and may make your skin break out even more 🙁

Not anymore!! We’ve got you covered. Watch our video or read on to find out the BEST type of sunscreen for oily breakout-prone skin! (moisturizer and SPF )

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So… which sunscreens are BEST for OILY or BREAKOUT-PRONE skin?

Okay, it is the beginning of Summer and everybody needs sunscreen! However, the people who tend to avoid them (because they sometimes feel too greasy, sticky, or thick), are people with OILY, BREAKOUT-PRONE, or SENSITIVE SKIN.

Believe it or not, there are sunscreens out there formulated SPECIALLY for these skin types! And they do a lot more for your skin than just protect it from the ;sun and UV rays! They actually ABSORB oils produced throughout the day to keep your skin looking clean with a matte finish.

First thing to look for is a PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN or a COMBINATION of Physical and Chemical together (not just purely Chemical).

Try to AVOID the Chemical sunscreens because they tend to increase breakouts in breakout-prone skin.

How do you know which sunscreens are Physical?

Physical sunscreens are MINERAL-BASED so they’re going to include:

– Titanium Dioxide
– Zinc Oxide
– Iron Oxide

Anything else that ends in “ZONE”, like Avobenzone, or ends in “ATE”, those are typically Chemical sunscreens.

The mineral-based sunscreens stay on top of the skin so they’re not “Comedogenic”. They are also naturally anti-inflammatory and decrease redness.

Some even offer more benefits such as anti-aging with ingredients like:

– Vitamin A
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Plant Stem Cells

There are 2 brands that we here at Go See Christy Beauty Boutique recommend!

**These brands are not sponsoring this post or video. They are brands we have personally tried and offer to our clients because they REALLY WORK.**

The first is the DAILY DEFENSE MATTE MOISTURIZER by Image Skincare. It is SPF 32 and has patented “micro-sponges” in it that break open and absorb oil as your skin produces it throughout the day. It also contains hydrators to increase hydration in your skin.

**If you INCREASE hydration your oil production also DECREASES.**

It also reduces inflammation and redness! This is the Physical and Chemical together in one sunscreen.

The second is the BIO SOLAR SHIELD OIL-FREE MOISTURIZER by Lira Clinical. It is SPF 30 and also has the micro-sponges that absorb oil. Now, this one was recently reformulated. It used to have 18% Zinc Oxide, now it has 21%, so they’ve actually increased the amount of Physical protection for your skin!

The Lira Clinical sunscreen also has Plant Stem Cells as well as plant-based “Arbutin” (which is a plant-based lightener and brightener) and reduces redness and inflammation!

If sunscreen has a high amount of mineral products in the ingredients, it can be a little difficult to spread it evenly on your skin. If you’ve ever used a sunscreen that leaves the annoying white streaks and residue on your skin, this was probably the case. These types of Physical sunscreens were not meant to be absorbed into your skin like Chemical sunscreens.

In this case, we recommend a Toner that has NO alcohol. Use about 7-10 sprays on your skin until it is completely wet, and while your skin is STILL wet, apply the sunscreen. This makes a big difference in the sunscreen applying smoothly and evenl

There are plenty of other brands of sunscreens out there other than the two we’ve introduced, but we have found these work very well! We’ve tried a few of them out there that are completely mineral based but we’re focusing on the Image Skincare and Lira Clinical sunscreens in particular because we have found these offer a high SPF for great protection, spread very well, increase hydration, don’t feel sticky or greasy, and they have some form of anti-aging ingredients in them as well.

Thank you for checking out our blog! Keep an eye out for the next post and stay cool (and protected!) out there this Summer!







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