Which Cleanser Is Best For Me?

Which Cleanser Is Best For Me?

Which Cleanser is best for me? This depends on several factors such as:

-Biological age and condition of the skin

-Existing conditions of the skin (acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, hyper pigmentation, etc)



-Topical medications being used

-Other skin care products


Best Cleansers for Different Skin Types:

A common belief is that only one cleanser should be used and that is not necessarily true. Most people don’t know that you can adjust the type of cleanser you use according to the time of year and what other products you are using, For example, just like you would wear heavier clothing in the winter time, you may need “heavier” creams or more hydrating serums for those times when your skin is drier. You may need a cream based cleanser vs a gel based cleanser.

Here are some of the main categories of cleansers (there are more but we are just covering the main types ) :

Best Cleanser for me QUIZ

Best types for Normal to Oily Skin types Including Acne:

Gel based foaming cleansers (can have exfoliants):

These often times contain sulphates. Sulphates are used to break down oil and are foaming agents. This is not necessarily “bad” but they can dry out the skin and/or strip the acid mantle . Some sensitive skin types cannot tolerate this. If you prefer one that foams, try to look for other surfactants such as:



-decyl glucoside

-olefin sulfonate

that are more gentle to the skin.

If it does have sulphates, look for some where the ingredient is further down on the ingredient list.

An example of a product that helps by clients who tend to have normal-oil-break out prone skin, this helps with bumps, ingrown hair, and oily skin. It also has really helped my clients who have break outs but the acne cleansers are really drying when they are also using acne control medications.

It also is great as a body wash.

Restore Face and Body wash

All Natural Balancing Cleanser

Ormedic Balancing Cleanser


Gel based (non foaming)

This is not really a popular type but it can be suitable for the more sensitive skin type where any type of foaming agent will irritate their skin. It is also popular with people who have Rosacea or other skin conditions where the typical cream based cleanser will break them out. Most normal to oily skin types usually prefer not to use this as they will typically complain that it “feels” like there is a film on their skin. It is also not the most effective in breaking down oil and dirt.


Cream Based (foaming):

This is typically for someone who has normal to dry skin. This is for someone who still prefers a foaming cleanser but the gel cleanser may be too drying for them. For most formulations, this type still offers the foam but also offers some hydrating properties.

This particular type works very well with those using anti aging ingredients that can sensitize their skin it also offers some gentle exfoliating properties while still having hydrating properties.

MD Dermaceutical Renew Face and Body Wash


Cream based (non-foaming):

This category of cleanser is formulated for those who have very dry skin and/or compromised skin. This type is usually best applied on dry skin, worked through, and then wiped off with tissue or rinsed off.

Most of these break down fairly well with water but I have had some clients who still felt like their skin wasn’t clean.

This type of product is to help keep the very dry skin hydrated and to not strip the acid mantle.

A good example of this would be:

Vital C Hydrating Cleanser

Ultra Calming Cleanser

How to Use a Combination of Cleansers:

When using a gel foaming cleanser and a cream based cleanser:

Use the gel based cleanser FIRST to break down oil, dirt, etc then use the cream cleanser.

When using a cleansing oil, then your second cleanse can be a gel based cleanser and then a cream based cleanser , if you prefer a third cleanse, when wearing heavier make up or you have extremely oily skin.

For more detailed steps, please refer to the video above.

For more product reviews:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel-Product Review




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