3 Beauty Vlogger Tips That Age Your Skin

3 Beauty Vlogger Tips that age your skin was inspired by the growing number of cases I am treating.

The names, faces, and details have been slightly changed to protect the identities (including a beauty vlogger) in the following blog post and video.


Meet Layla.

She’s 28 years old.

She is Fitzpatrick skin type 4 so she can tan easily.

She started seeing hyperpigmentation in her mid-20s.

She doesn’t spend much time in the sun.

Layla is medically cleared from any health or hormonal issues.

She is a beauty vlogger that asked for help.

Beauty Vlogger Tips that Age your Skin:

Too many anti aging products in skin care regimen.

Most young people do NOT need the amount of anti aging products being used and shared in social media.

Young skin (ranging from the 20s-early 30s), generally speaking, do NOT need the amount of expensive serums they are using at once.

A good quality Vitamin C and/or Niacinamide serum will work if one is concerned about premature sun damage and/or are prone t0 hyperpigmentation.

A good exfoliant will help the skin absorb any serums and help retain moisture in the skin.


The skin is exposed to:

-lots of sun exposure/tanning bed

-smoking/environmental pollutants

-slower desquamation rate

-clogged pores/acne

-other skin conditions (Rosacea, Eczema, etc)

With the exception of acne prone skin and sensitive skin, most younger skin do not need expensive anti aging creams or special high maintenance treatment.

Good cleanser that will gently cleanse the skin without stripping the acid mantle, a gentle exfoliant that is not over used, a good hydration product and a good sunscreen .

Eye products are optional unless the person is concerned about dryness around the eyes, dark circles or premature aging of the skin.

Oily skin would benefit more with a water based eye product over eye cream to prevent Milia.

This is a good example of an eye product for those wearing eyelash extensions or have oily skin and/or prone to milia.

Bad Anti Aging tips from Influencers-

Problem #2 with this Beauty Vlogger’s Skin Care Regimen:

Layla was using expensive Retinol Cream.

In ADDITION to the Retinol cream, she was also using Retin A to PREVENT fine lines and wrinkles. She didn’t even have any fine lines and wrinkles when she started using Retin A 3 years ago.

When I asked her why she was using Retin A at such a young age, she said she wanted to prevent from having any fine lines and wrinkles. Obviously she was getting her information from social media.

The reason that she contacted me for an online consultation is because she had started to form hyperpigmentation around her eyes , upper cheeks and around her mouth.

She had tried everything to treat it and nothing seemed to be working.

I rarely saw this in young people 10 years ago and now I am seeing this more and more frequently.

10 years ago most young people did not care about skin care as much as they do now, and more and more skin care companies are adding more and more actives to their skin care products.

Social media also is filled with posts and videos of people giving bad information and incorrect skin care protocols that the common person who doesn’t know any better, will more likely follow.

Problem #3 with this Beauty Vloggers Skin Care Regimen:

She was using too many exfoliating products. This is very common to see on Instagram Beauty Blogger tips.

With the exception of acneic skin types that have a slower skin cell turnover rate, generally speaking, younger skin doesn’t need too much help increasing their skin cell turnover rate.

Typically, skin cell turnover rate doesn’t start to slow down until the mid 30s.

Layla heard that by exfoliating her skin, her skin would have a nice glow so she went overboard and began using too many exfoliating products.

This was another one of Beauty Vlogger tips that age your skin.

Layla’s Skin Care Regimen:

When we had our consultation, her skin care protocol included:

-exfoliating cleanser

-leave on exfoliating product

-anti aging serum

-Retinol Cream

-Retin A

-Chemical sunscreen

Well, it was NO WONDER, her skin was so dehydrated and dry!

Although she was only 28 years old. Her skin looked 10 years older.

Given what she was using at the time, she was experiencing long term TEWL (Trans Epidermal Loss). Her skin was turning over skin cells so quickly, that her skin lost the ability to hold onto the moisture.

During her consultation, her skin looked like it lost elasticity and the skin appeared very crinkly and thin.

Sadly, this was not the first I had seen of a case where the young girl’s skin appeared to have been physiologically older due to over use of the wrong products for her skin type.


Based on her skin type, her lifestyle, and her current skin condition, we replaced her exfoliating cleanser with a more gentle balancing cleanser to balance out her combo oily skin.

We changed out her leave on exfoliating product with a rinse off exfoliating product. Given that it was summer AND she did not have acne, the rinse off exfoliant would exfoliate her skin without causing her skin prolonged dryness and photosensitivity to the skin.

Switched out Serum:

Since her skin was dry, red and sensitized, we switched out her anti aging serum with a more hydrating, anti inflammation serum to not only help her skin reduce inflammation with beta glucans but also to help her own skin heal by increasing hydration.

I asked her to stop using the Retin A at least for the summer. I did suggest that she not even use the Retin A since she did not need it.

Many Beauty Vloggers tips that age your skin also include using too many products at one time or in a short amount of time.

It is very common to see bad beauty influencers tips on Instagram, especially when they are being sponsored by the actual skin care company.

Because Layla is a beauty vlogger, part of her “job” included many product reviews where she would test out the different skin care products and make up and review them.

She mentioned that it was not uncommon for her to be using 10 different skin care products at one time to film the different product review videos.

She was jumping from product to product so much that her skin was experiencing low level inflammation for an extended period of time.

Replaced Sunscreen:

This beauty vlogger was using a chemical based sunscreen that had fragrance so we switched that out with a mineral based sunscreen to reduce inflammation. We used a zinc oxide based sunscreen (zinc is naturally an anti inflammatory ingredient) that had natural anti inflammation ingredients as well as tyrosinase inhibitors to help suppress tyrosinase which helps turn the melanin brown.



This word is actually a made up word that is being used in the industry. It means low level chronic inflammation that can lead to premature aging of the skin.

This is more common today as more and more people are using skin care products with active ingredients and using them incorrectly.

Some signs of this low level chronic inflammation are:

-chronic dryness

-premature hyperpigmentation

-premature signs of fine lines and wrinkles

-persistent low level heat or shade of pink

-stinging/burning sensitivity sensation in or out of the sun

Layla’s case:

Small patches of hyperpigmentation that started to form around her eyes and on her upper cheeks, and some formation around the mouth, including small creases or fine lines above the upper lip. These are signs of premature aging that should not be visible, especially when she does not have a history of being over exposed to the sun, not smoking , and leading a healthy lifestyle.


We focused on:

-using tyrosinase inhibitors and less on AHA’s to help with the hyperpigmentation during the summer.

-increasing hydration by including a hydrating toner and hydrating serum and a gel/cream for hydration in the evening due to her combo oily skin.

-decreasing exfoliation due to her age.

-using a multi layer method of lightening products instead of overusing exfoliating products.

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