Astaxanthin : Anti Aging Benefits For Skin

Astaxanthin: Anti Aging benefits for skin

Astaxanthin has been nicknamed the "King Of Antioxidants".

According to one article, Astaxanthin is :

-6000x more powerful than vitamin C

-800x more powerful than Coenzyme Q10

-75 x more powerful than Alpha Lipoic Acid

According to some clinical studies (links are below) , Astaxanthin has show anti aging benefits for the skin by:

-minimizing age spots

-increasing the moisture levels on the skin

-decreasing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles

Astaxanthin vs Vitamin C

The anti aging benefits for the skin of astaxanthin vs Vitamin C is that unlike, vitamin C, astaxanthin does not break down when exposed to Uv light, blue light or red light.

Astaxanthin actually increases it potency when exposed to these various lights.

This is important when people are applying vitamin C as an anti aging benefit for skin but when the vitamin C is exposed to the sun or the blue light from phones and computers, the ingredient breaks down quickly.

This red pigment is a carotenoid that is found in microalgae , plants, wild salmon (flesh is bright orange) , krill, lobster, and shrimp, and some berries.

According to one study, when the microalgae was cultured for 14 days under red/white/blue light for 21 hours, and UV light for 3 hours, the combination of the uv light and blue light had the highest increase of:

-carotenoid- 8x

-chlorophyll content-2x

When the astaxanthin was exposed to red light, it increased 2x

Astaxanthin benefits for skin:

A clinical study that measured the benefit for skin involved both men and women.

The study included:

-36 healthy men

-30 healthy women

The study with the men was a 6 week study and the women were inn a 8 week study.

The astaxanthin that was used was derived from microalgae .

Both studies combined took 6 mg a day of the oral supplements and used 2 ml of astaxanthin was in a solution that was used topically 2x/day.

Results of the Astaxanthin Anti Aging Benefits for skin Study:

After 8 weeks, the improvements that were measured :

-Improvements in skin wrinkles (measured around the eyes (crows feet)

-Age spot size ( on cheeks)

-Skins elasticity (also measured on the crows feet)

-Measured the corneocyte layer on the cheek

-Measured the moisture content on the cheek.

The texture on the cheek was measure on the fourth week.

This study was:


-double blind

-placebo controlled

The study results may suggest that the combined oral supplements and topical application of astaxanthin derived from microalgae, taken regularly may improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and trans epidermal water loss and even out hyper pigmentation not only in women but also men.

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