Best Skin Tightening Machine For Home Use Myolift Mini Vs Myolift Qt

Best skin tightening machine for home use: Myolift Mini vs Myolift QT should be effective and yet still easy to use.

Most skin tightening machines for home use may include the use of light (red, yellow, blue, green, etc) and or heat. The problem is that if you have sensitive skin or hyperpigmentation especially for darker skin types, this could lead to an increase of more hyperpigmentation.

The Myolift microcurrent machine uses 2 different wavelengths to increase the ATP in the cells to help regenerate the skin to help tighten the skin, lighten up age spots, and treat fine lines and wrinkles.

This Myolift brand was created by the 7E Wellness company. They have several different models.

Myolift Mini vs Myolift QT:

The Myolift Mini Pro was specifically designed for the esthetician. Its small lightweight base is great for those who work in a small space and may not have a lot of counter room to work on. It is also great for those who work mobile and have to travel from location to location.

The Myolift Mini Pro has two probes to work with on the face, whereas, the Myolift QT can be used with only one hand.

The benefit of the Myolift Mini is that with the two probes, you can easily manipulate the probes to get the full length of the facial muscle (see video for visible demonstration).

How to Use the Myolift Mini:

The Myolift Mini may be better for the Licensed Esthetician or Licensed PRO because in order to use the Myolift mini, you need to memorize the steps of each movement that corresponds with the facial muscle if you are working on your client.

The Myolift mini may be better for the pro who is used to working with both hands and working on another persons face . Whereas, the non professional consumer may find the steps too confusing or overwhelming without additional assistance.

If you still choose to use the Myolift mini, it may take a while to get movements down.

The Myolift mini has a few buttons that control the intensity of the wavelengths and the amount of time . It also has buttons for the 2 different modes (Educate -Lifting and firming or Erase- for fine lines and wrinkles).

A full face protocol that is set on each mode will take about a total of 40 minutes (20 minutes on each setting).

Please watch Botox Alternatives to understand how the microcurrent works to tighten the skin.

Myolift Mini Product Review-Botox Alternatives

Here is a video that show a variety of clients that I used it on.

The clients age ranged from mid 20s- mid 50s.

The skin conditions addressed were:

-Dark circles under eyes


-Sagging skin

-Fine lines and wrinkles


Anti Aging Tip: Botox Alternatives for Fine lines and Wrinkles, Sagging Skin and Hyperpigmentation


How to use the Myolift QT:

The Myolift QT was specifically designed to be a Skin Tightening Machine for home use.

To me, this is the best skin tightening machine for home use for several reasons:

First, unlike the Myolift Mini, it can be held in one hand and there is no additional apparatus that it is connected to.

The only thing that the Myolift QT is connected to is your smart phone via bluetooth to work with the FREE APP .

The Myolift QT has an app that has a video that you can follow along step by step in how to use the Myolift QT correctly.

The Myolift QT app even has short focused treatments that focus on eyes, neck, jowls, full face, and you can even create your own treatment.

Unlike most skin tightening machines for home use, the app shows if you have actual conductivity. It also has a countdown timer to let you know when you have finished the treatment.

As far as the Myolift Mini vs the Myolift QT skin tightening machine for home use, the Myolift QT is almost foolproof.

Both the Myolift Mini and the Myolift QT have the eye and lip mask that you can attach to the machine for treatment without hands. The Myolift QT also has the forehead mask. You can also purchase the conductivity gloves to go with both the machines.

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If you are also interested in Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine and would like to see the difference between the two:

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Radio Frequency Machine for Home Use


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