Age Spot And Skin Tag Removal

AGE SPOT AND SKIN TAG REMOVAL-This age spot and skin tag removal is best done on superficial skin irregularities such as skin tags, age spots, cherry angiomas can be unsightly and annoying.  Previously, some of the ways to remove these were to use more invasive procedures such as using sticking a needle into the area to freeze it and cut it off or out or using a high frequency electrode to “burn it off”.

Now, there is a method where it can be removed with a simple procedure that is pin pointed that the area and using Carbon Dioxide with the temperature of  -79 degrees , the age spot or skin tag is “frozen” and the skin tissue in that specific area begins to die and regenerate itself.

When it hits the targeted area, the temperature comes down to approximately -59 degrees because of the heat of the skin.

This procedure is quick and painless.  If there are larger areas of hyperpigmentation , then acid peels will be give better results.  This procedure is best for skin tag removals and age spot removals.

If you are considering acid peels for hyperpigmentation, here are:

4 things you need to know BEFORE you make an appointment.


Remember, once an age spot appears on the top layer of the skin (Stratum Corneum) it can re appear when exposed to uv rays.  To keep the age spots from reappearing, regularly use lighteners to keep the melanin from turning brown.

If you have larger areas of hyper pigmentation such as Melasma (otherwise known as pregnancy mask) these are more effectively treated with acid peels.  If you would like to know more about acid peels and how they work, please click here:

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your acid peel service.

Age Spots can come back if you don’t regularly apply sun protection, exfoliate, and use lightening agents.

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