Glutathione for Skin Whitening- What you NEED to KNOW

Glutathione for Skin Whitening-What you NEED to KNOW is that is the Glutathione is one of THE most powerful antioxidants THAT THE BODY makes. It is in 98-99% of healthy cells.

Glutathione can be taken as a supplement orally. Glutathione started to become well known due to the social media posts showing BEFORE and AFTER photos of people who were normally dark skinned (Fitzpatrick 4-6) and then showed AFTER photos where they were significantly lighter (Fitzpatrick 1-3) .

Some of them were even celebrities (mostly from Asia) showing them taking the Glutathione intravenously.

Glutathione also are in skin care products where clinical studies have shown to help with hyperpigmentation and skin firming.


What is Glutathione?

Glutathione serves as a powerful antioxidant in the body.

Glutathione is:

-water soluble

-low molecular weight

-a tripeptide made up of 3 amino acids:




It is found in 2 forms:

GSH-reduced glutathione-found in 98-99% of healthy cells

GSSH- oxidized glutathione


GSH- Reduced Glutathione has shown to improve:

-liver abnormalities

-diabetic related issues

Protect from:

-Viral infections

-anti tumor activities

Glutathione for skin whitening effects:

In the skin care industry, glutathione has been used for its:

-skin lightening effects

-antioxidant effects such as skin firming


How Glutathione works to lighten and brighten skin is that it may lighten skin by inhibiting tyrosinase activity during melanogenesis.


While the cells are creating melanin, glutathione converts the eumelanin (blackish-brown pigment) to pheomelanin (red/yellow pigment).

This clinical study was performed on 30 filipino women with a skin tone of Fitzpatrick 4 and 5 that took glutathione lozenges orally. This showed to have mild/moderate skin whitening effects.

The links of the studies and sources will be located below.

The overall conclusion on these separate trials that used several different methods concluded that:

-systemic glutathione was not as effective enough as a skin whitening agent.

-More effective in reducing skin wrinkles BOTH in sun exposed and sun protected areas

-Skin color will come back to its original tone after discontinuing use of glutathione so they concluded that long term effects are not sustainable.


Glutathione + Vitamin F for Anti Aging and Brightening Skin Care Products:

If you are not sure what Vitamin F does to help mature skin and fine lines and wrinkles, please refer to below:

Vitamin F for SKIN

Best Peptides for Skin- Best Peptides for Anti Aging

Best Dry Skin Moisturizer for Face


Perricone Md Essential Fx Acyl Glutathione Deep Crease Serum

This medium weight milky lotion (tad bit heavier than milky lotion) was formulated for :

-deep wrinkles/deep set lines

-wrinkles and creases around the mouth- including marionette lines

-crows feet around the eyes

-wrinkles across the forehead

-nasal labial folds

-frown lines/smile lines


I used it over the course of three weeks and I found an overall improvement on my skin tone and overall firmness , especially on my cheek area. However, I don’t know if it was the product alone or because I was using the Myolift machine with it.

This is this is a great botox alternative: Myolift Mini Product Review-Botox Alternatives

HOWEVER, I don’t know if it would work well on Melasma and or dark hyperpigmentation. I probably would not recommend this for oily, break out prone skin either.


It has a very strong scent. I have a very sensitive nose so it has a strong scent. It reminded me of a European perfume. The scent was not off putting but if you prefer fragrance free product, this is probably not going to be well suited for you.


Perricone Md High Potency Classic Face Finishing and Firming Moisturizer :

I paired this is a medium weight moisturizer because the moisturizer that is in the same Essential Fx Acyl Glutathione line was sold out.

Although in the ingredients it did not mention any AHAs, I felt slight stinging every time I applied this one. This definitely improved my skin tone and especially texture but it didn’t do much to hydrate my skin. I would wake up with my skin feeling dry and not soft.

If your skin texture is rough , this product would definitely help.

You can use the CODE: CHRISTY

to receive 25% OFF these products or any other skin care products (some exclusions apply). For the SKIN STORE


How to apply cream based serums when using other serums:

If using a Vitamin C serum (not cream based) or any other serums that contain actives, then apply this FIRST.

Let dry.

If using a hyaluronic acid serum then apply on top.

While skin is still MOIST, apply the cream serum such as the Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl Glutathione Deep Crease Serum

If using an eye product, then apply this next. HOWEVER, if you are using a water based eye gel, then apply this BEFORE the cream serum.

Then apply your moisturizer .


**Please note that this blog post is NOT meant to diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders and only for information and educational purposes ONLY.

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Perricone MD Deep Crease Serum



Visible Improvement of Skin Texture7.5/10

Visible Improvement of Skin Tone8.5/10


Hydration of Skin5.0/10

Softness of Skin9.0/10


  • - Brighter Skin
  • - Visible Improvement of Tone
  • - Improved Texture of skin


  • - Price
  • - Scent

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