How To Apply Sunscreen On Your Face: 5 Areas You Are Neglecting

How To Apply Sunscreen On Your Face: 5 Areas You Are Neglecting

How to apply sunscreen on your face: 5 areas you are neglecting are areas that may not be getting enough sun protection. Although most of us wear sunscreen on a daily basis, here are the 5 main areas that tend to get neglected and unfortunately, show more prominent signs of aging.

1. Around the eyes: If you wear sunglasses or eye glasses, and you have oily skin or it’s hot and you are perspiring, the sunscreen can wear off or rub off pretty quickly.

ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

PRO TIP: Using an oil free sunscreen mineral sunscreen (especially zinc oxide) can help. Wearing a mineral based eye shadow, even if it is flesh colored can add some added protection. You can also apply a traslucent powder AFTER sunscreen application to absorb any additional moisture/oil .

This one is my favorite that Iapply all over and it well suited for BOTH oily and dry skin and with regular use, helps with hyperpigmentation: Best Translucent Powder for Oily AND Dry Skin

2. Above the lip: Depending on your routine, if you brush your teeth after application or eat after application, you may have rubbed/wiped off the sunscreen even before you go outside.

If you are noticing fine lines and wrinkles above the lip and you are in your 30s, then this is showing that this area has been neglected. This is too soon for fine lines to already start showing.

PRO TIP: To help you remember to apply the sunscreen, put the sunscreen by your sink so after you brush your teeth, so you will have a visual cue to apply the sunscreen on your upper lip. Place your sunscreen somewhere you will see it to remind you to reapply. Put a travel size sunscreen in your make up bag to it will remind you to reapply when you touch up your make up.

3. Ears, back of the neck, and top of head (FOR MEN): For most men, if they even apply sunscreen, they may apply on the face, but these areas are often neglected and common for areas of sun damage and even skin cancer.

Difference between men and women’s Skin

4. Chest (for women): Women often wear tops that show at least some part of the chest, whether it is a v cut shirt or a work out top. Women often will pay attention to applying sunscreen on the face and neck but will forget their chest. This is apparent as the sun damage begins to appear as vertical wrinkles down the chest.

Anti Aging Tips for Neck and Chest

5. Elbows/Tops of feet: These areas are especially prone to wrinkling and sagging because not enough sunscreen is applied. Sun damage can show through sagging above the elbows and around the ankles. This is especially true for people who live in warmer climates . People who live in warmer weather tend to wear flip flops, sandals, and open toes shows more often and don’t think to wear sunscreen on their feet on a regular basis.

These are the five areas that you neglecting.

BONUS TIP: Another area that is often overlooked on a daily basis are the hands. Our hands receive daily exposure to the sun every time we drive.

PRO TIP: Apply a sunscreen moisturizer on your hands. If you have age spots on your hands, you may want to consider a sunscreen moisturizer for hands that also helps lighten age spots: I keep this lotion in my purse and apply before I drive since I have a long commute to work.

Image Iluma Lotion

All of these areas are more prone to regular sun exposure without sunscreen so please try to remember to pay more attention to these areas.


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