How To Apply Translucent Powder

How To Apply Translucent Powder


How to apply translucent powder for dry aging skin, hyper pigmented skin, and oily and break out prone skin.

How to apply translucent powder depends on if your skin starts to develop a shine or feels dry and scaly.

First, most people who use a translucent powder, use it to control oily shine throughout the day. Most drier skin types do not use translucent powder.

Most translucent powders are made out of corn starch (zea mays), mica, talc, and/or some form of bismuth.

All of them absorb moisture and oil.

First, this instructional post can be used with any translucent powder. However, we are focusing on using this with TRANSLUCENT RICE POWDER and the benefits of using it for the specific skin types.

Rice powder naturally contains:

Phytic acid-help brighten hyper pigmentation

Niacinimide-anti aging ingredient that also helps boost the efficacy of Vitamin C and E.

Oily skin-Balance out moisture and oil control

Dry skin- Helps skin retain moisture

Best Translucent Powder for Oily AND Dry Skin


How to Apply Translucent Powder for Oily and Break out Prone Skin:

After applying moisturizer/sunscreen, using a big fluffy kabuki brush, lightly apply over with an extra dusting in the areas that are extra oily and prone to shine such as the forehead, nose, and / or chin.

After, apply a powder based or liquid foundation. Once make up sets, re apply an extra layer of the powder after using blush (is using) . IT should be the last product that goes on the face.

Reapplication Directions for Oily and break out prone skin:

Avoid using the same brush to reapply throughout the day. Use one specifically for when you FIRST apply the powder in the morning and another one to carry around with you.

  1. First, use several oil blotting papers with NO powder on them to blot out the excess oil. Keep blotting the oil until there is no more shine.

This is where LOOSE translucent powder works better for oily skin because you are NOT adding oil from your face onto a powder compact.

2. Sprinkle the translucent powder onto the lid and using another fluffy kabuki brush swirl it around and re apply in those areas where there is shine.

If there is too much shine, you may need to change out your facial cleanser, sunscreen/moisturizer. This may be contributing to the amount of oil you are producing.

Translucent powder on HAIR??

If you have extremely oily hair, I have had clients use just a sprinkle of this in their hair to absorb excess oil in between washings.

One client in particular, had such extremely oily skin that she mentioned using the powder on her hair in between washings to absorb excess oil.

How to apply Translucent powder for DRY SKIN:

Unlike applying the translucent powder for oily break out prone skin, where you apply the translucent powder BEFORE applying make up, for the dry skin, you would apply AFTER all make up is applied. If no make up is worn, then just a even application after the sunscreen or moisturizer will do.

Translucent powder can help boost the efficacy of vitamin C and E if you are using any serums that contain these ingredients (sources will in this blog post at the bottom of the page) and help retain moisture levels on the skin.

How to apply Translucent Powder for Hyper pigmentation /Age Spots/Acne scars:

In addition to the steps for your specific skin type, using a smaller, more compact brush, you can apply it on the age spots and evenly blend out. Because it is a translucent powder, it should not leave any color or tint.

***It is important to note that translucent powder ALONE will NOT fade age spots or discoloration***.

What the rice powder does is that IN ADDITION to the phytic acid and niacinimide, when using a product that is specifically to help lighten the age spots, it will help increase the efficacy of the products. Like with anything else, it needs to be used consistently to see results over time . (May not apply to hormonally induced hyper pigmentation)

**For visual directions on application, please watch the video above.

Confused on the order to use skin care products?

How to apply skin care products

Best Translucent Powder for Oily AND Dry Skin

Lightening Serum that works well with this rice powder

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