Hydropeptide Lumapro C Product Review



*Hydropeptide Lumapro C Product Review for Hyperpigmentation is a lightweight cream based serum that has a slight scent of citrus. It was formulated to treat hyperpigmentation gently based on the ingredients list as of this writing (ingredients may change).

TEXTURE:lightweight lotion texture.

Normal-Oily Skin:Could be used as lightweight moisturizer during the summer.

Dry Skin: Could be used after a hydrating gel based serum and before applying sunscreen.

Recommended for : the treatment of age spots, uneven skin tone and as a part of any anti aging skin care regimen.

Paraben Free

Fragrance naturally derived from citrus essential oil. The essential oils are towards the bottom of the ingredient list so it will not cause any fragrance induced hyperpigmentation.



Reservatrol Ferment Extract-known as the “wine” antioxidant. This helps with collagen IV synthesis and is an anti inflammatory. This is the 2nd ingredient.

Bellis Perennis (white daisy flower extract)- Lightening agent- Tyrosinase inhibitor-Helps prevent new pigmentation from forming and helps break apart existing hyperpigmentation. 4th ingredient

Diglucosyl Gallic Acid-

-4x more potent than vitamin C

-inhibits melanogenesis at several different levels in the skin and decreases inflammation.

Phenyethyl Resorcinol- skin safe lightener and lightens even facial hair.

Plankton Extract and Lecithin- both are tyrosinase inhibitors

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate- fat soluble form of vitamin C, inhibits pigmentation formation and also stimulates collagen production.




Yeast extract, amino acids and oligopeptides safely restore the skins barrier.

Ginger root extract-helps reduce medium to in depth wrinkles and helps plump up skin. I saw the result of this on my own forehead. Some of the lines in my forehead were definitely less noticeable. This did take the full six weeks before I did notice any difference.

As mentioned before, this product does have essential oils from citrus such as orange, bergamot, tangerine, lime, lemon and grapefruit. This give the product a light clean scent. It is towards the bottom so there is no concern for developing phytophoto dermatitis from the essential oils reacting with UV exposure .

However, for those of you who prefer all things fragrance free, this may not be the product for you.



For those of you who are on a budget or at least a budget on what you are willing to spend for skincare products, this 1 ounce pump bottle (as of this writing) comes in at $148.00 US dollars.

Although this could be used for someone who has melasma (pregnancy mask), it would be more for a moisturizer during the summer to help keep pigmentation from forming.

This product has several anti inflammatory ingredients . However, the *Hydropepetide Luma Pro C may not be strong enough to actually take away all of the melasma. So if you are thinking about shelling out $148 to take away melasma, this product may not be the best option for you.



The *Hydropeptide Luma PRO C vitamin C serum may be best for someone who has age spot or uneven skin tone but cannot tolerate L-Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C. This would be ideal for someone who has dry sensitive skin or rosacea prone skin (without pustules).

3 Truths of Melasma-CAN YOU CURE MELASMA?

Best Treatment Options for Melasma

Treating Hyperpigmentation Naturally (Look for these ingredients)

This also could be ideal for someone who has normal to oily skin and would like to layer their vitamin C products and have the Hydropeptide Luma Pro C PRO C vitamin C serum be their lightweight moisturizer.

Hydropeptide Lumapro C Product Review BEFORE AND AFTER:

Although I don’t have photos, you can see in the video, my skin has a glow and a more even skin tone. If you go back 6 weeks prior in the youtube videos, I have a brighter complexion. It is not drastic , however it did improve my overall skin tone.

My Skin Care Routine for Hyperpigmentation

Again, someone with melasma, probably would not see enough difference to merit the $148 price tag.

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Hydropeptide Lumapro C




Paraben Free10.0/10



Easy to use10.0/10


  • - Antioxidant
  • - Brightening
  • - Even out skin tone
  • - Hydrating
  • - Anti Aging


  • - Cost
  • - Not best for Melasma

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