Matcha Green Tea Mask For Hyperpigmentation

Matcha green tea mask for hyperpigmentation needs this ONE INGREDIENT for ALL the benefits of green tea to be more readily absorbed into the skin.

Here are some tips in getting the MOST anti aging, lightening and brightening benefits for the skin :

Matcha vs Sencha: Which is better?

Sencha, Matcha, Pu’er, white tea, black tea , and Oolong ALL come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference is in how it is harvested and processed.

Sencha is the Japanese generic word for “green tea” and Matcha is the Japanese name of the tea that is specific to the type of green tea .

Green tea or Sencha is :

-grown in the sun

-cut by machine

-color is usually dull green/brownish tone

-young leaf

-lightly oxidized

-not left to ferment

-processed through steaming, toasting, pan seared

Matcha is similar to champagne in that, it is a Japanese tea and it isn’t processed anywhere else or by any other method other than the Japanese method.

Matcha involves being:

-hand picked-selecting only the best leaves

-stems and veins removed

-can be rolled and ground

-lightly steamed to stop oxidation so it keeps the bright green color and bolder flavor

Matcha powder oxidizes very quickly so the brighter it looks, the fresher and better quality leaves were used.

**If your matcha tea appears to have a brownish or yellowish tinge, it means it was processed poorly and/ or low quality leaves were used, or it is just older tea so it has oxidized.


Now according to some studies, green tea has a lower rate of absorption in the skin so by using ingredients such as niacinimide or rice powder (which contains niacinimide) , it will increase the efficacy of the brightening and anti aging ingredients.

Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin: 6 Anti Aging Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin


Matcha is better than Sencha for Anti Aging and Hyperpigmentation:

Matcha is preferred BOTH for consumption and skin application simply because the younger leaves have more of the powerful antioxidants and more of this catechin group.

Studies have also found that catechins help break apart and disperse areas of hyperpigmentation:


EGCG-Elipigallocatechin Gallate

ECG- Epicatechin Gallate


Matha Green Tea Mask : What you will NEED:

-1/8 tsp MATCHA tea (preferably organic)

-1/8 tsp Translucent Rice Powder (must not have any fillers such as mica, corn starch (zea mays), oxy bismuth,etc)

Best Translucent Powder for Oily AND Dry Skin

(we used ours since it has not fillers and has white kaolin clay (more gentle, less drying) and silk amino acids)

Hydrating Toner with a good amount of humectants


-warm water (just enough to make a paste (see video for reference)

-Professional Serum made to be mixed with mask ***OTC** (over the counter) will be too diluted to be effective when mixed with a mask BUT you can apply that directly on skin and then apply the mask over it.

Professional serums to boost up the catechins-

-Vitamin A/C/E serum


-Kojic Acid

Directions for the mask:

Blend both the matcha green tea and the rice powder in a small bowl or cup.

Add enough toner or warm water to make a creamy paste and blend well with mask brush.

Add 3 drops of the professional serum (DO NOT ADD OIL) and blend well again.

***PRO TIP***

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to opt for just warm water initially, especially if you are adding professional grade serum.

After exfoliating skin , apply evenly on clean, dry skin, all over the face and even on neck and chest. Let the green tea mask set for 5-30 minutes.

Rinse off completely. Apply serum again and let completely dry.

***PRO TIP**- If you are using the Matcha Green Tea Mask for Hyperpigmentation, then use a lightening serum or a vitamin V or Niacinimide serum to boost the antioxidant effect of the green tea.

Apply eye cream or eye gel. Wait until skin is NOT tacky and then spray hydrating toner and while face is still moist, apply sunscreen during the day and moisturizer in the evening.

This particular sunscreen is a moisturizer sunscreen and comes in BOTH oil free and hydrating formula.

It has several lighteners and brighteners including a plant based lightener called Arbutin which converts to Hydroquinone in the body. It also has Niacinimide to help boost other antioxidants and brightening agents.


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