Anti Aging Tip: Botox Alternatives For Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Sagging Skin And Hyperpigmentation

Anti Aging Tip: Botox Alternatives For Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Sagging Skin And Hyperpigmentation

Anti Aging Tip: Botox alternatives for fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation . Are you looking for a botox alternative to:

Fine lines/wrinkles?

Tightening Sagging Skin?

Brightening hyperpigmentation?

If you are looking more for a more natural alternative to botox, then one of the alternatives involves a treatment involving a microcurrent machine.

UPDATE: FOR HOME USE: 7E WELLNESS has come out with a home version that is simpler to use: Please look at the differences:



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Botox vs Microcurrent: The PROS of the Botox Alternatives


-no needles

-no bruising

-no downtime

-no scarring or surgery

– longer term results

-lower cost over the long term

-can also be used to reduce healing time and scarring from procedures

Botox vs Microcurrent: The CONS

-More commitment and time involved

-May be more costly in the beginning (after results are achieved, only once a month maintenance is needed)

-Results are not instant- however, results are cumulative

Who is NOT a candidate for this treatment?

If you are:

-under the age of 18

-pregnant or breastfeeding

-have had heart surgery in the past year

-have a pace maker, metal implants or screws

If you have:

-had recent facial operation/procedure

-all forms of active cancers

-epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition


If you use Retin A (must discontinue use 3 weeks prior to treatment)

Other modalities that can be used with microcurrent in the treatment room: The one I reviewed is the Myolift from 7ewellness




-Radio Frequency

-Ultra Sound

Unlike the muscles of your body that are typically attached to tendon and bone, your facial muscles mostly connect to bone and skin.

These facial muscles pull on the skin to produce facial expressions.

The Microcurrent Machine- (professional only)helps with Crows Feet, Marionette Lines, Frown Lines, Saggy Jawline and Saggy Neck and is a great botox alternative

Some of the expression lines and fine lines and wrinkles are: ***Please see video for actual clients footage)

-lines on the forehead

-#11 lines in between the brow

-eyebrow lift for “heavy eye syndrome”

This relaxes the muscles that pull the brow line down (corrugator supercili). The microcurrent machine can also help with crows feet and laugh lines around the eye.

ANTI-AGING for Wrinkles Around the Eyes

ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for 40s and 50s

-bunny lines -horizontal lines on the nose

-fine lines and creases around the mouth and chin-3 Anti Aging Tips for Neck and Chest

-Addresses Neck line

How the Microcurrent works to rejuvenate the skin:

The microcurrent is used to stimulate and restore ATP (adenosine triphosphate) (cellular metabolism)-a molecule that carries energy within the cells in this case to help supply energy for the biochemical process to help heal /rejuvenate the skin such as:

-Increasing ATP by 500%

-Fibroblast activity up to 60% -this stimulates collagen and elastin production

-protein synthesis up to 73%

-cell permeability by 30~40%

-membrane transport

Benefits of Microcurrent:

-reduces pore size/ constriction

-increases elasticity

-tightens elastin /collagen matrix deep within the dermis layers

-reduces sun damage

-lifts and tightens muscles surrounding the eyes and forehead

-rightens skin/ improves skin textures

-minimizes wrinkles

-eliminates puffiness/ edema due to swollen lymph glands

-reforms facial muscles

-*improves moisture retention

How does Microcurrent affect Botox users?

If you are using botox, then you need to avoid using microcurrent UNTIL the botox has worn off then you may consider using the microcurrent to reactivate your muscles. ***This may take some time to reactivate atrophies muscles to help build tone/firmness instead of getting more laxed due to botox.

Juvederm users will not be affected by microcurrent but please consult with your doctor before proceeding.

Result fo microcurrent are cumulative over time so the longer you use this, the more visible the results.

The changes are simliar going to the gym. Definition of muscles are not developed by just a few visits at the gym. The definition and strength of muscles are developed over a consistent period of time. The deeper the wrinkle, the saggier the skin, the longer it will take.


Examples of clients are in the video include:

Fatima is in her mid twenties- she has dark circles, and the number 11 lines between her brows.

Jessica is 40 and she has visible sun damage, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and fine lines and wrinkles

chin looks tighter

-most visible change out of all the clients who have had this treatment

The absolute minimum to start seeing results is 10 40 minute treatments done at least 1-2 x a week.

Rosie in 56 and although she could only do 5 treatments, her lines around the eyes and mouth have softened.

Next week, we will be discussing more for the professional to use the microcurrent machine.

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Remember : Make is an ART and Skin Care is a SCIENCE

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