Best Time To Apply Skin Care Products

Best time to apply skin care products according some clinical studies depends on what type of skin care product it is.

Just like our bodies follow a Circadian rhythm of a 24 hour cycle that signal when we sleep, rise, and eat, our skin also follows a circadian rhythm .

The Stratum Corneum (top layer of the skin) also follows and responds to circadian rhythm changes.

The best time to apply skin care products for Hydration is at night.

Trans Epidermal Water Loss , otherwise known as TEWL (increase later in the afternoon)and skin permeability increases at night.

The best time to apply topical skin medications:If you are using a topical skin medication which includes products such as Retin A, Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, Epiduo or any other topical skin medication, the best time to apply topical skin medications BOTH lipophilic and hydrophilic is at night, this also include lidocaine (topical numbing agent).

Studies have showed that the best time for maximum absorption (as if any of us are awake at this time) is 4 AM.

This is post menopausal women or people with very dry skin will wake up to find their skin feeling dry even after applying heavier creams earlier in the evening.

People with oily skin may find their skin extra oily if the skin is dehydrated in the morning.

Applying products for oily skin:

The best time to apply skin care products for oily skin may be during the day. Although skin absorption slows down during the daylight, sebum production is the lowest at 4 am and the highest sebum activity is mid day.

According to the study, this is not believed to be linked to hormone production or skin temperature.

When to apply skin care products for oily skin:

The best time to apply skin care products for sensitive skin is the late afternoon into the evening.

I have been treating clients with acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions for over 13 years and I always tried to schedule my clients who had rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin in the late afternoon or evening (I was not always successful) .

Circadian rhythms affect blood flow rate. The skins temperature peaks in the late afternoon and into the evening. This is why it is common for those with atopic dermatitis, eczema, or itchy skin to experience an increase in inflammation and/or itchiness during this time.

Best Time to apply Anti Aging Skin Care Products:

The best time to apply anti aging skin care products is at night. The repair of DNA damage to skin cells from the sun peaks at night.

A study found that the sun exposure continued to damage DNA in skin for up to 3 hours AFTER sun exposure. They called this the “Dark Pathway”.

DNA repair activity was higher in the very early morning hours. This is when the body does its best work to repair the damage.

When is the best time to apply lightening skin care products for Hyperpigmentation:

The best time to apply lightening skin care products to treat hyperpigmentation such as age spots and/or melasma is at night.

For melanocyte, the cells that create the melanin, DNA damage happened in the absence of light.

The study found the DNA damage was less in the morning than later in the day.

However, OPTIMAL DNA repair comes with optimal sleep. There will be an upcoming video and post for this topic.

Studies also showed that when a supplement containing Vitamin D was taken, the patient showed less redness and less sunburn risk.

According to some studies, 40% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D and over 50% of the global population is deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a significant role in reducing inflammation in the body as well as the skin . Most of the vitamin D (approximately 80%) needs to be metabolized in the skin, so if you have dark skin, sensitive skin or mature skin, your your skin metabolizes Vitamin D differently.

Vitamin D and Your Skin (Dark, Aging, or Sensitive)

The circadian rhythm has an influence on DNA repair, skin cancer, how fast the skin heals and skin disease.

If you have mature skin or namely, post menopausal skin, then you may not only need MORE of Vitamin D but you may need LESS of this to prevent rapid aging of the skin.

Rapid Aging After Menopause: Anti Aging Skin Care for 50s

For women, estrogen stimulates collagen production to give the skin a more fuller, plumper look. Many women are turning to the anti wrinkle gel patches which has shown to smooth out wrinkles when used regularly.

However, clinical studies have shown that when these silicone gel patches were used for hypertrophic scars, they reduced collagen production to smooth out the scars.

So , my question is, if they reduce collagen production to smooth out hypertrophic scars, are they reducing collagen production around the wrinkles , which are also scars but a scar that is a crease in the skin?

Anti Wrinkle Patches Do they WORK?

Please stay tuned for our next post regarding how optimal sleep can help heal and revitalize our skin in a way that no skin care product can.

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