Which Mushrooms Are Good For Skin

Which Mushrooms are good for skin: One of the highest forms of vitamin D that you can get from a plant source is from mushrooms (known as Vitamin D2 or Ergocalciferol). Some of the mushrooms that are good for skin are: shitake, maitake Buna Shimeji (Beech) and Reishi.

You can take the mushroom as an extract, a vitamin D supplement or eat the real thing. There are so many different types of mushrooms but I am focusing more on Japanese mushrooms to narrow it down. I am also narrowing down the list of Japanese mushroom that are:

-easier to find/shop for

-easiest to cook in a variety of recipes

-that were also used in clinical studies for anti aging, hydration, skin brightening and inflammation.

Which Mushrooms are good for skin: Shitake Mushrooms:

Shitake mushrooms have been studied for its anti inflammatory effects. Shitake mushrooms are also known to be antiallergenic, anti mircrobial and an antihistamine.

You can eat them fresh, dried or cooked. However, some people who have eaten them raw or undercooked have developed Flagellate dermatitis. This is a rash that looks like you have been whipped. Rashes that appear to have red slashes or what appears to be scratches can appear on the skin.

Shitake mushrooms also contain kojic acid which helps brighten the skin and helps reduce melanin production on the skins surface.

Shitake mushrooms are used widely in Asian recipes and dried shitake mushrooms are typically used for stock or a base for many soups.

You can also get Shitake Mushroom supplements that are in vegan capsules . They are concentrated extracts from NON- GMO, ORGANIC Shitake mushrooms

Shitake Mushroom for Immune boosting and anti inflammation

How to Increase Vitamin D in Mushrooms

Most commercially grown mushrooms lack Vitamin D. There was a clinical study that was done using shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

To increase the vitamin D levels in mushrooms, mushrooms were picked and exposed to a UV light lamp.

The study found that when the mushrooms were exposed to a UV B lamp for an extended period of time, that the precursor to vitamin D (ergosterol) would convert to Vitamin D.

The common white button mushroom sold in the grocery store in the states and most commercially grown mushrooms in the:





New Zealand


are grown in the DARK so the content of Vitamin D2 in button mushroom is commonly reported less than 1 microgram.

This is especially important since :

-40% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D

-50% of the GLOBAL population is Vitamin D deficient

Mushroom Vegan Capsule (Immune, Memory booster, Liver support)

Maitake Mushrooms:

Maitake mushrooms (dancing mushrooms) or otherwise known as “hen of the woods” . This is because it looks similar to the back of a fan like hens tail.

Maitake mushrooms are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants and rich in polysaccharides. Clinical studies have shown immune boosting and anti tumor properties.

Vitamin D fraction has a strong effect on the immune system. It also has beta glucans which helps with inflammation and hydration for the skin as well as beneficial for health.

Maitake Immune Support

Buna Shimeji Beech Mushrooms:

are known to be higher in antioxidants and a powerful antioxidant Selenium that helps neutralize free radicals. They are also rich in B vitamins that are directly related to the skin health such as:

-Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) -aids in healing the skin faster , especially acne lesions

-Riboflavin (Vit B2) aids in skin cell turnover , maintaining collagen, and skin healing

-Niacin (Vit B3) helps with pigmentation and inflammation

It is also beneficial for the skin because it also has beta glucans and copper (key to collagen production).

Reishi Mushrooms

have high levels of beta glucan which can help reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin.

Triterpenes-special group of sugars that help boost the immune system and a precursor to steroids to help reduce inflammation. It helps boost the skins natural ability to retain moisture , help soothe and plump dry skin.

Overall, these mushrooms have:

-anti inflammatory




properties that helps jump start and boost the immune system . These mushroom are some of the best for skin because it promotes skin healing and slows aging of the skin and body.


Mushrooms are considered to be superfoods that help the skin and body slow down aging .

If you are interested in how foods help slow down aging , here are some other foods that have powerful antioxidants:

Astaxanthin : Anti aging Benefits for Skin

Japanese Seaweed Wakame Nori Kombu

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Review: Best Amino Acids for Skin

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