ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

Are you looking for anti aging for dark circles under the eyes, bags under eyes and/or saggy eyelids?  The first signs of aging usually starts to show up around the eyes before any other part of the body.

It is also an area where it gets the most regular exposure to the damaging UV rays AND has the least amount of protective factors such as thinner skin and less oil production.

In addition to the ones listed above, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes also start to show up.

This is why it is important to address anti aging to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, bags under eyes and/ or saggy eyelids BEFORE they start to show up.

Wrinkles around the eyes; Otherwise known as “Periorbital Aging”.  Other signs of Periorbital aging include:

  • Dark, under eye circles
  • Under eye “Bagging” or “Sagging” of the upper eyelids
  • Shadowing of the inner eye (tear trough)
  • Crow’s feet (wrinkling lateral to the eye)
  • Loss of opacity (increase of translucency)

How Periorbital Aging Affects Different Ethnicities:

Listed below are the most notable differences between the ethnicities but are not limited to the ones listed below.

African Americans Earlier  drooping of the Lateral Canthal area.  The Lateral Canthal area starts to droop when the cartilage along the inner eyelid rim, starts to lose  its structural integrity and therefore the lateral Canthal angle starts to narrow.  This gives the appearance of the outer corner of the eye of drooping, giving it an aged appearance.

Middle Eastern/Indian-are more prone to “Periorbital Hyperchromia”; Otherwise known as “Dark under eye circles”.

Photo damage and inflammation produces more intense hyper pigmentation in those who tend to have darker skin tones and more melanocytes.

Asians-tend to see more hyper pigmentation than the break down of collagen and elastin in the earlier years of aging.  They tend to be more concerned with treating hyper pigmentation first and then wrinkling in the later years.

Caucasians-tend to notice the break down of collagen and elastin first.  They tend to notice fine lines and wrinkles, around the eyes first BEFORE hyper pigmentation.

Some may even notice sagging of the eyelids or under eye bags before any hyper pigmentation even develops.

THE CAUSE of Wrinkles of the Eyes and Sagging of the Eyes:

Although there are some differences in the aging around the eyes amoungst the ethnicities, the commonalities of aging remains the same:

-Damage from free radicals

-Factors that increase inflammation (more specifics are in the video posted above)

-The uniqueness of the individuals response to the environmental factors that cause aging such as the response to AGE’s related to collagen production and retention.

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How to treat Aging around the Eyes- Crows Feet,Sagging,Bagging, Puffiness, and Dark Circles

Crows Feet (wrinkling of the eyes)- wrinkling of the skin is basically scars that are caused by repeated inflammation and damage from oxidation following the skin’s attempt to heal.  Wrinkling around the eyes are usually the first signs of aging.

Sagging-usually starts in the inner corner of the eye and progresses further up on the eyelid.  Loss of elasticity increases the sagging.

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel- 

-addresses fine lines wrinkles, powerful anti oxidants for anti aging, improves tone and elasticity in the skin and improves hydration for dry skin around the eyes.

Puffiness around the eyes and Under the eyes:

Puffiness around the eyes is usually from inflammation that leads to fluid retention.  This could be from a high sodium diet (which is common in a diet high in consuming processed foods).

Aside from it being inherited through the genes, sleeping with a pillow that both supports the neck, and keeps the head slightly elevated and also helps alleviate fluid retention in the face.

Here is a pillow that is highly rated .  It prevents you from sleeping on your face to prevent you from putting pressure on the sides of your face as well as keeping your neck supported and your head slightly elevated.  You can sleep on your side as well as on your back with this pillow.

Anti wrinkle/Acne treatment/Anti Aging Pillow

Eye Gel to address under eye puffiness


Prevention and Treatment of Wrinkling of the eyes and Sagging-

Powerful Eye cream to address SAGGING:

This eye cream contains high concentration of growth factors derived from plant stem cells in preventing free radical damage.

***This is also ideal for those who have sensitive skin and also using Retin A or Retinol at the same time. It contains Haloxyl (N-Hydroxysuccinimide) which increases the efficacy of retinoic acid while decreasing inflammation.

-Consistently wearing Sunscreen around the eyes and using a sunscreen that contains anti inflammatory ingredients and anti oxidants to not only fight free radicals that break down the collagen and elastin but also helps reduce inflammation.

Here are few examples:

Hydrating Sunscreen

Sunscreen with SPF 50

Oil Free Matte Sunscreen

Review for Oil Free Matte Sunscreen

Using antioxidants such as Vitamin A,C,E can not only fight free radicals that break down collagen production but it can also stimulate collagen production.

This helps the skin to hold its elasticity and firmness to delay the effects of sagging of the skin (eyelids).

Peptides- can also help the smaller muscles and nerves of the skin and overall delivery of anti aging ingredients in the skin.

Eye Bags, Puffiness and Dark Circles

Eye Bags/Puffiness-This aging symptom of aging of the eyes are related to the inflammation, retaining or leaking of fluid in the surrounding tissues around the eyes.

For those that are younger, this may be the result of allergies, lack of sleep, and/or diet.  Repeated inflammation due to lifestyle choices will increase the chances of these symptoms becoming a continual challenge.

Eye Gel for Puffiness

Dark Circles-Although some ethnicities may be more prone to dark under eye circles, any factor that causes the thinning of the skin will start to make the any blood pooling more noticeable.

Anything from lack of sleep, stress, allergies,etc that can bring on inflammation or widening of the blood vessels will increase the appearance of dark circles.

Treatment of Dark Circles-Some treatments may include using Vitamin K which helps with skin discoloration.

Caffeine- this helps stimulate blood circulation and helps constrict blood vessels and helps with puffiness and dark under eye circles.

Anti Oxidants and Peptides- can help increase collagen and elastin production and prevent further damage of the skin. They can also decrease inflammation to help reduce the blood pooling under the eyes.

Here is an eye cream that is especially formulated to break apart pigmentation and keep them from coming back by using Tyrosinase Inhibitors.

Eye Cream for Anti Aging , puffiness, AND DARK UNDER EYE CIRCLES

This product uses **Vectorize technology that delivers encapsulated complex formula of brightening ingredients  up to 48 hours for a long lasting intense effect.

It also uses stem cells derived from plants to deliver powerful peptides and plant stem cells to reduce wrinkles

Increase Hydration around the Eyes-the periorbital area has thin skin and small sebaceous glands that do not help with the moisture retention in the skin which may lead to the appearance of crepey eyelids.

Using ingredients that help the skin retain moisture will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes by using products such as eye creams or eye gels.

Should I exfoliate my eye area?

Eye Cream vs Eye Gel: Which is BETTER?

Finally, the earlier you start taking care of your eye area and your skin, the longer your skin will not only appear younger, it will actually BE younger.


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