Anti Wrinkle Patches Do They WORK?

Anti Wrinkle Patches Do They WORK?

Anti Wrinkle Patches Do they work? Oia Anti wrinkle patches were used in this test.

Oia Skin was nice enough to send me a free complimentary gift set of all different sets that included silicone gel patches for the forehead, neck, under eye and chest.

***I was NOT sponsored for this post , video or any social media post.***

I knew that clinical studies have been done where they used silicone gel patches and silicone gel sheets for hypertrophic scars.

Clinical studies overall did show improvements where the hypertrophic scars improved in reduction of collagen production, reduction in erythema and the overall appearance did show improvements. (sources used are located below)


Anti Wrinkle Patches work for Scars:

Anti wrinkle patches are typically made with a silicone gel which keeps the moisture in while letting the skin to breathe.

It has been used to treat C section scars, burn scars, and other hypertrophic scars.

Hypertrophic scars are basically a raised scar that is red, thick, and sometimes even itchy. Hypertrophic scars are formed when excessive amounts of collagen are produced during the wound repair phase. They basically form more collagen than broken down in the area of the injury.

These scars can be caused by:




-Trauma to the skin (deep wounds)

Hypertrophic scars are different from Keloids. Keloids are caused by an overproduction of collagen but it goes past the incision line where the hypertrophic scars are within the incision line.

Clinical studies have shown that the use of silicone gel patches that are now used for anti wrinkle patches have:

-flattened out raised scars over time

-decreased erythema

-decreased melanin formation

However, I could NOT find any clinical studies that used anti wrinkle patches (silicone gel patches) directly to treat fine lines and wrinkles but ONLY for raised scars.

**It is important to apply the gel patches on DRY skin.

A clinical trial was performed where the silicone gel sheeting vs a silicone gel was used to treat hypertrophic scars in the hot climate of Saudia Arabia and the problems associated with that were common:

80% had persistently dry itchy skin

28% developed skin rashes

16% Softening/breaking down of skin from long term exposure to moisture (this could be a desirable effect if treating for scars)

8% skin break down

*This is just some of the conditions that were experienced . If you want to read about the study, the source will be down below.


Do Silicone anti wrinkle patches work?

Silicone anti wrinkle patches work for hypertrophic scars.

Wrinkles are scars.

However, the silicone gel patches reduce collagen production in raised scars.

Wrinkles are scars due to collagen loss.

Static Wrinkles are wrinkles or scars in the skin that are displayed as creases in the skin that remain when the face is expressionless. This is usually due to collagen loss from age and/or UV damage.

Dynamic Wrinklesare still scars in the skin that are caused by repetitive muscle contractions that cause the skin compression such as:

-Smile/frown lines


Dynamic wrinkles typically show themselves when the facial expression is made smiling, frowning and/or squinting.

So these wrinkles are a type of scarring that is caused by collagen loss and NOT an overproduction of collagen.

These silicone gel patches that are now being marketed as Anti Wrinkle patches have shown that when used regularly, they do tend to flatten out the scars and inhibit an overproduction of collagen.

So does the anti wrinkle patch work just by simply having the occlusive gel patch over the wrinkle to keep the moisture in that will then temporarily plump up the skin by bringing the hyaluronic acid in the skin up to the surface of the skin, which then can dehydrate the skin long term?

I don’t know. Only time will tell. It definitely seems to work to remove the wrinkles when used regularly, but what is the long term effects of using these gel patches?


Anti Wrinkle Patches for Wrinkles Do they work? Pros and Cons:


-Anti wrinkle patches have shown an increase of moisture on the skin.

-Anti wrinkle gel patches are easy to use

-No “Active time” involved besides just placing them on your skin

-Less expensive/invasive than botox (a lot healthier too)

-Less expensive than home machines -as far as up front costs



-Clinical studies have shown they reduce collagen production on RAISED scars NOT wrinkles which are due to collagen loss.

-Have to keep buying these so it may add up over time, over the course of years

This is ONE of the many options that are available for the treatment of wrinkles and this is one of the easiest and less time consuming than other methods.

Here are some other methods for non invasive wrinkle treatments:

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