How To Exfoliate Around Your Eyes

How to exfoliate around your eyes…If you haven’t read our other post regarding why you should exfoliate around your eyes, please read that so you know what the benefits are. This blog post focuses on HOW to exfoliate around your eyes.

This post finds us in the midst of the COVID 19 where we are all quarantined and at home. Instead of trying to explain how to exfoliate around your eyes , I thought I could show you a DIY at home anti aging eye treatment for dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve actually have been doing this treatment at my practice for several years. My clients really love the results so if you are a professional, you can use this as an ADD ON to your facial treatment.

This exfoliating eye treatment is suitable to help address dark circles, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and eye puffiness.


For best results, I would read over the blog post first, then watch the video so you know what to expect and visually follow along, especially if you are a professional.


The treatment , I am about to show has been adjusted to safely do at home. However, if you have pre existing sensitivities around the eyes, using Retin-A or Retinol around the eyes, or you have Rosacea or have extremely sensitive skin, this may not work for you.

This treatment came about when I had a client that always developed Milia around her eyes. Milia is fairly common and usually develops around the face, especially around the eyes. Some people are more prone to Milia than others. They are usually white or yellow in color and are hardened bumps that are filled with keratin.

This treatment worked so well for her that I decided to use this as an ADD ON treatment for my other clients who also loved the results.

***This treatment will help:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: soften fine lines and wrinkles because it gently exfoliates the dead skin, allowing more absorption of moisture binding ingredients to the skin and plumping up skin around the eyes.

Dark Circles: by massaging around the eyes, it helps alleviate the blood that has pooled around the eyes. This will NOT remove the dark circles permanently. HOWEVER, one of my clients that had darkened eye lids and circles said this removed the dark circles for about a week.

Puffiness: The massaging around the eyes also helped reduce puffiness around the eyes. So if you have puffiness, try doing this at least once a week and the puffiness will be reduced.

Regular exfoliation usually helps keep the milia at bay for people who are more prone to this. However, when milia forms around the eyes, harsh exfoliants and scrubs are not recommended.

So then how do you exfoliate around the eyes?

Products to Use:

First, anything with seeds, beads, and shells are not recommended around the gentle area around the eyes. There are two products I recommend that you can use this with.

How to exfoliate around the eyes using a exfoliating powder:

First, I would recommend the Image Iluma Exfoliating Powder.

***DISCLAIMER***- Image did not create this to be used just for the eyes. The powder was created as an exfoliating product for the face and an alternative to their other exfoliating products for more sensitive skin.

Unlike their other products that may contain glycolic acid, Retinol, and or salicylic acid, the Image Iluma Exfoliating Powder (part of their Brightening and Lightening Line) uses more gentle agents.

Based on their ingredients, I decided to use this on my client who would develop Milia around her eyes every month.

For people who have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate most exfoliating scrubs or products, this may be an option for you to use to exfoliate your face.

For those of you who have more tolerant skin and have acne and or hyper pigmentation, you may see better results with other exfoliating products such as the Ageless Resurfacing Masque.

Image Iluma Exfoliating Powder :

Exfoliating Ingredients:

Lactic Acid- this is an AHA but it is the mildest form of acid . It is a larger molecule so it does NOT penetrate the skin as quickly as glycolic acid. It is also a hydrating acid. This will help break down the keratin.

Pumpkin Enzymes/Bromelain– fruit enzymes that are keratolytic (breaks down keratin)


Brightening Agents:

Licorice Extract

Rice Powder

Green Tea Extract

This will also help if you have uneven skin tone and darkening around the eyes.

You can also use another exfoliating product by Dermalogica called Daily Microfoliant.

The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant uses Microcystalline Cellulose which is wood pulp as their texturizing agent where Image Iluma uses baking soda and coconut milk powder.

Exfoliating Agents used:

Salicyic Acid-Beta hydroxy acid

Papain-Fruit enzyme commonly from papaya

Brightening Agents:

Rice Bran Extract and Rice bran starch

Green Tea

Licorice Root Extract

It does cost more than the Image Iluma Exfoliating Powder (almost twice as much) and yet has more ingredients that are not needed.

How to Exfoliate around the Eyes Step by Step:

Step 1: Thoroughly Cleanse entire face. Make sure eye make up is thoroughly removed.

Step 2: Using about 1/4 tsp place in small bowl and add warm water to make a gentle paste (see video). The consistency should not be too fluid so that it will not spill into clients eyes.

Step3: Using counterclockwise strokes, with both hands (using the ring fingers) use gentle strokes, massaging the skin under the eyes and on the eyelids (see video for demonstration). Focusing on the areas that may have milia.

Step 4: Gently rinse off with warm water, using 4×4 (if using on client) OR rinse off with warm water is doing this at home.

Step 5: After rinsing and drying off skin, apply a thing layer of of a water based gel eye mask or facial mask that is a gel NOT CREAM BASED and NOT a mask that contains any acids or harsh ingredients to use on around the eyes and on eyelids.

***If the eye area is dry, the gel mask may be absorbed . STILL RINSE OFF.

While skin is STILL MOIST, this is where you would apply your facial serum, then apply your eye cream or gel that will address the specific skin condition you are trying to address for fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and/or puffiness.




ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

Give it a few minutes to absorb and then spray toner, while face is STILL MOIST, apply sunscreen or moisturizer, depending on the time of day.

Correct Order of Skin Care Products

If you have tried this , please let us know in the comments, how your clients liked this or how you liked this!

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