Do Toners Work? Anti-aging Tips To Keep Skin Looking Young And Dewey

Do Toners Work? Anti-aging Tips To Keep Skin Looking Young And Dewey

Originally, toners were most commonly used with cotton to apply after washing the face with soap to balance out the skin’s pH. Old-school soap would leave residue on the skin, toners were designed to remove it.

Nowadays, toners are designed to not only balance out the skin’s pH but also increase the skin’s ability to retain added moisture from serums and moisturizers.

Typically, spray toners are more likely to be formulated to balance out pH and add moisture. Toners that need to be used with cotton tend to be for removing residue and can be more of an astringent, which can dry out the skin.

I recommend using a spray toner over a toner that you apply with cotton for several reasons:

  1. You use less product and need less product because spray toners apply evenly all over the face.
  2. Using cotton causes needless dragging of the skin.
  3. It is a more sanitary way to apply the product.


Cleanse face.


On clean, dry skin, apply eye products and/or serums. Wait to dry.

Spray toner all over face and neck until completely saturated (approximately 7-10 sprays).

WHILE FACE IS STILL WET, apply moisturizer. (This will seal in the moisture. Applying a moisturizer with a spray toner that contains humectants will create a moisture barrier by using a lipid barrier.) Want to know what moisturizers are the best type for your skin? Click here.

Toners boost the skins ability to hold in moisture. For oily skin, the toners will help normalize sebum production and for dry skin, it will help the skin to hold onto moisture.

For dry, dehydrated skin that is dull and lackluster theRosewater Mineral Tonerhydrates the skin and restores mineral to the skin that is lost in most aging skin.

Dry,dehydrated, aging skin AND using Anti Aging products– the Botanical Bio Peptide Toner

is great for ALL skin conditions ESPECIALLY for people wanting to increase the efficacy of their anti-aging ingredients in other products.

This toner is my best seller as it hydrates, decreases inflammation, and increases the anti aging products effectiveness.

Unbalanced, combo oily, break out prone skin: The Sea Water Hydrating Mist

This is a great post work out to balance out pH to avoid break outs. It also is great to balance out oil production. This is great to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation when using a number of acne products that can be very drying.

OILY, BREAK OUT PRONE Skin:For skin that is over producing oil but not necessarily breaking out, this may help control oiliness. ***If you are using a number of acne products, this toner may be too drying and the Sea Water Hydrating Mist may be better suited for your skin. This is best used with a Balancing Cleanser to reduce oily shine. This is best used when having break outs. Clarifying Astringent

Sensitive, prone to redness, Rosacea skin: Your skin needs to hold in moisture but sensitive skin can react to many toners so this toner helps calm down redness and doesn’t react to many skin types. Azulene Toner

When used with a Hyaluronic Acid serum, it will definitely increase the skins moisture levels. You don’t have to wait until the serum is dry. It is best used when the skin is slightly moist from the serum, then spray on the toner. One molecule of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 1000x times its weight in water, so it loves moisture.

If you are using a liquid foundation, you can immediately apply your make-up. If you are using a mineral powder, it is best to wait until the face is completely dry before applying the make-up.

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