Anti Aging Tips: Advanced Anti Aging Ingredients That Work

Anti Aging Tips: Advanced Anti Aging Ingredients That Work

We have been doing a series on Anti Aging Tips:  Advanced Anti Aging ingredients that work not only ON the skin but also IN the skin.

There are so many anti aging ingredients to go through that in this article, we are only focusing on a few that are NOT well known.

In our last article, we covered how many people are familiar with using sunscreen with a high SPF, eating foods high in antioxidants, and of course, using anti aging skin care products.

What most people don’t talk about or realize is this one anti aging tip.  Find out this one anti aging tip that most people don’t know about or neglect.

Best Anti aging Tip that you WON’T BELIEVE! 


Well Known Anti Aging Ingredients:

If you are already looking into anti aging skin care products, then you may notice, these anti aging ingredients are well known anti oxidants.

For example:

Vitamin C

-Stimulates Fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin

-Helps fade Age spots and evens out skin tone

-Prevents further aging of the skin by neutralizing free radicals that age the skin.

-is highly oxidative when exposed to light, air, and heat so products with Vitamin C should be stored in a dark bottle, airless pump, and avoid see through bottles and open jar type containers.

Vitamin A-

-Stimulate healthy skin cells production

-Used for fine lines and wrinkles as well as for acne

-thickens and stimulates the collagen in the Dermis

Vitamin E

-powerful antioxidant the increases the efficacy of Vitamin C

-Helps with the elasticity of capillary walls

-Neutralizes free radicals that may age your skin

For more PRO TIPS on what to look for and how to use these anti aging products:

Do Anti Aging Products REALLY work?

Here are few ADVANCED Anti Aging ingredients that actually work:

Edelweiss Stem Cells– Reduces inflammation and also MMPs (Matrix Metallo-Proteinases) .  These are enzymes that are activated by  UV exposure and increases inflammation.

Not only does it decrease collagen production, it also increases the break down of existing collagen.

It is very effective in protecting the skin from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollutants from further damaging the skin and even protects at the cellular level .  This protects the skin from even beginning to break down.

Himalayan Gentian-Stimulates skin cell growth.  It actually increases the amount of skin cell layers that you have and the amount of keratinocytes that you have.

***This one is great for addressing the “11” lines or the vertical lines we have between our eyebrows and also down our chest.

The result of using these advanced anti aging ingredients over time is that your skin will become more supple, have increased resiliency, and will have a more softer, smoother texture.

Smart Drone Peptide Technology– This is not only advanced anti aging ingredients but ALSO an advanced anti aging delivery system.

In this instance, this takes the Tetra peptide and puts in bio-compatible polymer capsule.

This technology works similar to a Drone GPS technology where the peptide is not released until it reaches a very specific area of the skin.

The second ingredient is the Heptapeptide (otherwise known as a Ligand) which surrounds the copolymer capsule that has the Tetra peptide inside.  These peptides delivers the active ingredients to its receptor sites and the Fibroblast cells to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Anti Aging Serums that Hydrate, and soothe the skin. This serum is a lightweight milky serum that not only contains anti oxidants but also peptides to help rejuvenate collagen and elastin production.

Vital C Anti Aging Hydrating Serum

You can see with some of these anti aging ingredients, that you don’t have to use Retin A as your “only” anti aging product to address fine lines and wrinkles.

Retin A may be Prematurely Aging  your skin

The great thing about these advanced anti aging products are they are very targeted at reducing inflammation, neutralizing the breakdown of existing collagen as well as new collagen production .

It also does NOT cause more inflammation and over drying and peeling of the skin.

Anti Aging tip if you are using anti aging products:

Remember, whether you are using anti aging ingredients or advanced anti aging ingredients, to increase the absorption rate of these ingredients, remember to exfoliate effectively for your skin type.

Best Type of Exfoliation for your Skin Type

Finally, make sure you are using your skin care products in the CORRECT order to get the maximum benefits and results.

How To use your Skin Care Products in the Correct Order


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