Anti Aging Tips: Best Skin Care Tips  For 60s And 70s

Anti Aging Tips: Best Skin Care Tips For 60s And 70s

What to Focus on

Anti aging tips: Best Skin Care for 60s and 70s-What to focus on is a tad bit different than in our other series on:


Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for 40s and 50s

5 Anti Aging Myths

This blog post is a response to the many requests we received on our other videos to do a segment for anti aging tips for best skin care for 60s and 70s.

Each segment focus on different aspects of skin care tips based on what is happening in the different stages of skin aging.

Physical attributes of skin in the 60 s and 70s:

Although many of these symptoms are experienced by many people of all ages, people who are in the 60s, 70s and older experience the following more often due MORE to biological changes in their bodies.

Everyone ages differently but here are the common traits:



-Thinning-Starting to look paper like

-Sweat less


-Bruise easier

-Irritated easier

-Heals slower

-Increase in Age spots, wrinkles, fine lines

-More susceptible to skin infections- as mentioned in our previous video: Difference between men and women’s Skin

Drier/Increase in itchiness/Irritated easier:

The barrier to water loss is more easier to disrupt than younger skin and the time it takes to restore the barrier in the Stratum Cornerum (SC) is more than double than younger skin because the ability to create lipids within the skin decreases.

Studies have shown (links below) that this is especially true for women in regards to collagen production and bone mass in the immediate post menopausal years.

This is why if you have mature skin, you many need to start focusing on skin care products that help restore moisture AND lipids in the skin.

Best skin care products for 60s and 70s:

For example, if you have always used a foaming cleanser, and you don’t care for cream based cleansers because you don’t feel like your skin is getting clean, then try a foaming cream based cleanser over a non foaming cream cleanser.

Try a:

gentle foaming, cream based cleanser

-uses a gentle exfoliant such as lactic acid over glycolic acid, or salicylic acid

-Lactic acid not only gently exfoliates but also hydrates the skin. It is a known humectant.

Here is one that works well pH wise with many other anti aging serums that has worked well with many of my clients, including me.

Md Dermaceutical Renew Face and Body wash

If you STILL would like to use an exfoliating wash that has ALL 3 (lactic, glycolic, and salicyclic) acids to exfoliate the skin- here is one that is a cream based cleanser that buffers the skin while exfoliating.

This is a NON FOAMING cleanser so you may want to use this AFTER the Md Dermaceutical Renew Face


This duo action cleanser is also great for addressing bumping skin and uneven skin tone:

Md Dermaceutical Duo Action Cleanser


Exfoliation is important to help speed up skin cell turnover rate. This step is what I found based on my professional experience, can be the trickiest because depending on the persons sensitivities also depends on how much they can tolerate.

This can range from gentle enzymes all the way to retinoids.

The delicate balance is to exfoliate the skin enough to show improvements but to not over sensitize the skin.

When the barrier is compromised, it is a lot easier to sensitize the skin, which can age the skin over time.

Now in the age of beauty bloggers and vloggers and so many advertisements of beauty products, I, personally, am seeing more and more clients coming in with a vast array of different products they are using and more self inflicted sensitization of the skin.

This can lead to prolonged inflammation of the skin that can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Differences between Intrinsic Aging and Photoaging:

Instrinsic Aging: is mainly characterized by functional changes in the skin vs the whole physical structure changes in the skin.

The most consistent change in instrinsic aging is the flattening of where the epidermis and dermis are joined.

Other changes:

-Decreasing of melanocyte/Langerhans cell density

-Increased levels of metalloproteinasis (degrades collagen)

-Decrease in overall cellular/vascular activity

-Loss of fibroblasts

Overall Chronological Aging skin appears:



-fine wrinkles

-loss of elasticity/sagging

-some benign skin growths

Photo Aging:

According to an article,”50 years of Skin Aging”, in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings, photoaging is neither universal nor inevitable and is identified by “striking morphological and physiological changes”.

Photoaging appears as:


-irregularly pigmented

-sallow (for darker skin types)

-deep furrows in addition to wrinkling

If you have deep wrinkles these are more due to environmental damage vs intrinsic aging. The deep wrinkles can be a result of cumulative sun damage, smoking or years of hard living.


Those with fair skin displays more commonly:

-severely thinning of the skin

-capillary activity such as Telangectasia

-variety of pre cancerous lesions such as Actinic Keratosis

The Best Moisturizers for 60s 70s:

Moisturizers are always an important part of skin care but even more so as we age since our skin starts to slow down the lipid replacement in our skin.

A good moisturizers should have a balance of humectants, emollients and occlusives ingredients.

Humectants will draw moisture to the skin.

Emollients will keep the skin soft.

Occlusives will help keep the moisture on the skin.

It is important to use emollients and occlusives that can replace essential fatty acids in the skin. For example, avoid using moisturizers that use petroleum/petrolatum /mineral oil . Instead look for ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, seabuckthorn oil ,etc.

Here are some that work well with all types of drier mature skin AND also are pH compatible with many serums.

For overnight repair and drier skin types:

Md Dermaceutical Overnight Repair Cream

For those using retinoids, post laser, post surgical:

Post Recovery Treatment Cream

Anti aging Sunscreen 100% mineral based with plant based lighteners

The Md Dermaceutical Overnight Repair has a gentle Vitamin C derivative that is third on the ingredients list so you can still receive the benefits of vitamin c without irritating your skin and has no fragrance, parabens or silicones.

This will work well if you also are using :


-L Ascorbic Acid

-Highly sensitized/dry skin

This help restore the lipid barrier, reduces inflammation, and creates a favorable pH environment for the skin.

An unusual anti aging tip for those in their 60s and 70s:

This anti aging tip is really for everyone but especially in this age group is caloric restriction.

There have been studies that showed restricting calories contributes to life extension.

Studies have been done on:



rats/ mice


At the cellular level, recent findings have shown that it increased the ability to detoxify free radicals.

In reducing caloric intake, you may want to be more selective in where those calories are coming from. Reserve those calories that come from foods to help build cells such as:

-protein- mature skin that is thinner and is slower to heal needs this to rebuild tissue.

-Antioxidant rich foods-foods that contain rich bright colors can help fight and prevent fine lines and increased wrinkling and hyperpigmentation.

Reduce calories that come from tissue damaging ingredients such as sugar.

Vitamin B complex, vitamin k, vitamin e and copper help strengthen capillaries and blood vessels for those with Telangectasia or other capillary related skin issues.

At this stage, although good skin care can help, even more important is diet. The nutrients are needed to help repair the wear and tear of past accumulated damage.

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