Best Anti Aging Skin Care For 30s

Best Anti Aging Skin Care For 30s

The best anti aging skin care for 30s (or even your late 20s)…. Do you ever wonder if you should be using anti aging products NOW or if you should be waiting until you are older?

Do you ever think you should be using expensive anti aging creams, Retin A, or even start doing more aggressive treatments such as using fillers, microdermabrasion, or lasers?

In this blog post, we will be discussing:

-What happens to your skin in your 30s

-What specific part of the skin care regimen you should be focusing on

-What products you should be focusing on during your 30s


What happens to your skin in your 30s-

During your 30s (this may happen in your mid 20s-late 20s if your skin was overexposed to the sun in early years):

-Your skin cell turn over rate begins to slow down

-Dermis starts to lose its bounce and plushness and volume

-Collagen fibers aren’t as meshed

-Elastin coils are tight

-Skin doesn’t stretch and move as effeciently so fine lines and wrinkles start to appear and become noticeable.

-Accumulated damage from the sun, pollution, diet, and stress are starting to cause more harm to the cells that may not have appeared yet.

As the internet has helped the average consumer become more educated about skin care products and services, more and more young women are coming in to receive facial treatments.

It is more common to see women in their mid-30s really start to take their skin care seriously.

Skin Cell Turnover rate begins to slow-

Many young women come into my boutique and are only interested in the anti aging serums and creams. What they may not realize is that if they are not regularly exfoliating their skin, the penetration of these products are not at their best.

What exfoliating does is remove dead skin cells. This stimulates your skin to regenerate new skin cells like younger skin.

The result: Glowing, dewy, smooth skin.

Exfoliation increases the absorption rate of products and increases the hydration capabilities of your skin.

If you are not sure WHICH EXFOLIATION IS THE BEST TYPE OF EXFOLIANT FOR YOU, then please check out our blog post about the difference between all the exfoliants and which is best for your skin type.

Need to start paying attention to the condition of the collagen and elastin fibers-

This is the very early stages where the collagen and elastin start breaking down and preventative measures can really slow the aging process down.

Fair and Sensitive Skin Types– show signs of aging earlier than olive and darker skin tones because darker skin tones generally produce more oil on their skin and melanin is closer to the skin’s surface so they naturally have more protection from the external factors that can damage their skin.

Hyper pigmentation is more noticeable on fair skin and fine lines and wrinkles are also more apparent on fair/sensitive skin types.

Fair and sensitive skin types STILL need help with exfoliating .

Typically, the best anti aging skin care for 30s should include gentle exfoliation. Using a fruit enzyme such as papain (papaya), bromelain (pineapple), pumpkin, or cherry may be better tolerated.

Exfoliating products that have beads, seeds, or any other granular ingredient may NOT be well suited for sensitive skin types.

Fair/Sensitive skin types may do better with an exfoliating powder that contains the fruit enzymes in addition to the phytic acid (rice) and latic acid (more gentle AHA).

This not only gently exfoliates the skin but also boosts the skin with antioxidants and polyphenols.

Here are some examples: (both for more sensitive skin types)

Exfoliating Powder for Hypergpimentation

Exfoliating Powder

Multi Vitamin Thermofoliant (has additional antioxidants Vitamin A,C,E) ***NOT for sensitive skin types

For those of you who have Normal-Oily Skin Types:

Ageless Resurfacing Masque– Exfoliant that is great for congestion, hyperpigmentation, break outs – This is a combination of physical and chemical (chemical exfoliation is great for congestion, hyperpigmentation, break outs).

This means it has both beads (physical) AND Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Lactic Acid (chemical). Chemical, in this case, means that you don’t have to manually rub the skin for the exfoliants to start working.

This is GREAT for Hyperpigmentation

If you are in your 30s and you are looking to find out what the best anti aging skin care products are, and you have NOT started using serums,

this is the time where looking for serums that have antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E, and Omega 6 essential fatty acids such as Grapeseed oil and Seabuckthorn Berry Oil would be a great one.

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil has BOTH the antioxidants AND the COMPLETE Omega fatty acid family.

If you are looking for the BEST FACIAL OILS-here is a guide.

THE BEST ANTI AGING SKIN CARE REGIMEN FOR 30s-Should I be using an expensive anti aging cream?

At this life stage of your skin, I would recommend to invest more in serums for anti aging than anti aging creams. Focus more on hydrating with creams and lotions.

Most skin types in the 30s don’t need expensive anti aging creams nor Retin A.

***PRO TIP***

Most people in their 30s neglect toner because they may not truly understand what the new toners do and this is a generation that did not grow up with toners.

Old school toners have the reputation for being drying because they used to be.

Now, the spray toners are formulated to increase hydration levels in your skin and increase the efficacy of anti aging ingredients such as antioxidants and peptides.

To get the most out of your anti aging Serum and increase hydration capabilities in your skin, use a SPRAY TONER (not a cotton-based toner). Repeated wiping with cotton can stress and stretch the skin unnecessarily.

Use a spray toner that contains a high percentage of powerful humectants such as Glycerin, Sodium PCA, and/or Sodium Hyaluronate.

Bontanical BioPeptide Toner

This specific toner that our clients have used and love. It is great for the following skin conditions:





-Most skin types

It also has a combination of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7 which help strengthen and increase water levels. It creates a synergystic effect in the neo synthesis of collagen. This greatly reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

If you are already noticing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, you may want to consider eye cream or eye gels.

Eye creams if you have normal to dry skin and eye gels if you tend to have oily skin or you have eyelash extensions.

The best anti aging skin care in your 30s is PREVENTION:

This is the Prevention Stage. Don’t just use a plain sunscreen from the Drugstore

-Great sunscreens that have anti aging ingredients, lightening and brightening ingredients, and also is a moisturizer are important


-Toners for hydration since extended dehydration in the skin depletes the skin of ceramides and can cause more fine lines and wrinkles

Dermal dehydration causes depletion of the dermis resulting in deeper wrinkles, sagging of the skin, or elastosis.

Prevention of fine lines and from fine lines turning into wrinkles- look for peptides and antioxidants in eye creams or eye gels.

Avoid Retinoids in eye creams since the eye area has thinner skin and more prone to irritation, flakiness, and itchiness. If you are interested in using Retinoids is skin care products, look for them in serums or creams.

Find one that is a three in one. Find a sunscreen that also moisturizes and hydrates while giving sun protection but ALSO has powerful plant based lighteners and brighteners and age-fighting peptides and antioxidants.

I love the Lira Clinical Solar Shield because:

-It’s a mineral-based sunscreen – healthier then chemical-based sunscreen and works well with sensitive skin types

-Has both Hydrating and Oil (Absorbing) Free formulation

-Evens out skin tone

-PowerfulaAnti aging ingredients


So to summarize:

The BEST anti aging skin care for the 30s is: PREVENTION

Invest more in Serums



**EYE Cream and Gels if your skin around the eyes is starting to form some fine lines.

IF you already have them, then you may want to consider some more serious eye creams/eye gels that address the

Under Eye Circles, Saggy Eyelids, Under eye Bags

Anti Aging Tip for Fine Lines and Wrinkles around the Eyes

If you are in your late 30s, you may want to read about our upcoming post for

Best anti aging skin care for 40s and 50s.


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