Best Eye Make Up Remover For Eyelash Extensions

Best Eye Make Up Remover For Eyelash Extensions

The best eye make up remover for eyelash extensions (eyelash extension care) should be:

  • Oil Free
  • Gentle enough for contact lens wearers
  • NOT leave any oily residue so you can re apply make IMMEDIATELY

Being a licensed esthetician and applying eyelash extensions professionally for over eight years, I have tried several different eye make up removers for eyelash extensions.

Although some of them claimed to be “OIL FREE”, they STILL had an oily residue.

The best eye make up remover for eyelash extensions should be water based whether in liquid or gel form.

Best way to remove Eye make up : Wipes vs Remover Pads vs Tissue vs Washcloth:

First no matter how soft the wipes, remover pads, tissue or wash cloths are, they still drag the skin somewhat when removing make up.

When it comes to removing make up with eyelash extensions, it is important to not have any lint as they can get lodged in the eyelash extensions.

Most make up wipes, eye make up remover pads have oil based solutions to break down the make up, since it can accidentally touch or rub up against the eyelash extensions, this can accidentally put additional products on the eyelash extensions (oil and make up ).

Steps in removing eye make up when having eyelash extensions:

1.  Take a cotton swab and lightly dip into the eye make up remover for eyelash extensions.  Be careful NOT to dip the entire swab into the eye make up remover as this will over saturate the swab and when you apply it onto your eyelid, the excess eye make up remover will spill onto your eyelash extensions.

You want to AVOID getting them wet.  The more frequently the eyelash extensions become wet or get products on them, the more likely the eyelash extension adhesive will break down  and  the eyelash extensions stick together.

Make sure you use the eye make up remover for eyelash extensions to remove oil (shiny eyelids), eye shadow, eye shadow primer, eyeliner, and mascara  (**make sure you are using mascara for eyelash extensions as the regular mascara can cling onto your eyelash extensions and make them clumpy and stick together).

Now you are ready for the next step.

2.  Wash your face in three sections.  The first section is the lower half of your face-from the cheekbones down.  Cleanse twice.

The first cleanse is to break down makeup, sweat, oil, environmental pollutants that have landed on your skin.  The second cleanse it to actually cleanse the skin.  If you would like the correct order to use your products , read this.

3.   The second area to cleanse is from the brows up.   To avoid getting water and foam from running into your eyes, work up a lather and apply onto your forehead WITHOUT getting it wet first.  Then take a wet  round facial sponge or small facial cloths and sponge off.

When continuing with your skin care routine, use the same steps whether it is using a facial scrub, sunscreen or lotion.  Starting with the cheekbones and work the lower section of the face.

Eye creams are not recommended.  However, if you would like to use an eye product to address fine lines and wrinkles, a water based eye gel is recommended.

Be careful to NOT apply the eye gel directly  underneath the eyes.

4.  The FINAL step is applying the Protectant Sealer ON THE LASH LINE.  DO NOT apply the sealant ON the eyelash extensions,  This needs to be applied in a thin line ON THE LASH LINE on BOTH the UPPER and LOWER lash line.  The protectant sealer prevents oil from getting onto the eyelash extensions.  View the video to see the demonstration.

***PRO TIP*** 

To prevent clumps from forming  on the eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions from sticking together, keep them clean by dusting off lint, make up powder, eye shadow after applying make up. 

Also, dust off the eyelash extensions RIGHT AFTER a shower as the mist from the shower can cause the eyelash extensions to stick together from the humidity.


*** Avoid using a spoolie (mascara wand) as that tends to collect lint and dust which can then get onto your eyelash extensions.  Women tend to use their fingers to clean off the dust and lint, which the oils from their fingers can get onto the spoolie. 

Use a Taklon eyelash extension brush NOT a brush with real hair as real hair tends to hold onto oils easier.

Use an eyelash extension lash brush to dust off the TOP of the eyelash extension, then look up and brush the underside of the eyelash extensions.  The last step would be to clean in between the eyelash extensions to prevent them from sticking together.

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Gentle Eye make up remover


Oil Free10.0/10


No Oily Residue10.0/10

For Sensitive eyes4.5/10

Eyelash extensions10.0/10


  • - Oil Free
  • - Non Oily Residue
  • - Can re apply makeup immediately
  • - eyelash extension friendly
  • - Gentle


  • - Not for waterproof mascara
  • - No suitable for waterproof make up

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