How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

This blog post is the second blog post in how to clean your eyelash extensions so that your eyelash extensions last longer.  In this post, we will be discussing how to brush your eyelash extensions to keep lint, dust, make up and dirt off your eyelash extensions so they don’t start to form black clumps on your eyelash extensions and stick together.

If you missed the first video and blog post on “How to Make your Eyelash Extensions last Longer”, make sure to jump on over as the video covers PRO TIPS  such as:

-What to do to prepare BEFORE your eyelash extension service.

-Products to avoid when you have eyelash extensions (including make up)

-What products to use to keep your eyelashes extensions lasting longer.

The first step in how to clean your eyelash extensions is:

How to Brush your Eyelash Extensions

Avoid using the common “spoolie” (mascara wand) to clean your lashes.

Over time, the spoolie starts to collect lint and dust and this can add dust and lint to your eyelash extensions.  This spoolie is really ineffective in cleaning your eyelash extensions and keeping them separate.

Many times, ladies will try to clean the spoolie using their fingers.  This will only add more oil onto the spoolie.

Instead use an eyelash extension brush that is made out of Taklon instead of hair.  Natural animal hair tends to absorb the oil and Taklon is oil resistant.

Instead of the brush being round or spherical, it is flat and fans out so you can easily dust off your eyelash extensions both from the top and the underside.

Please watch the video for a visual demonstration on the proper way to brush your eyelash extensions.

How to Clean your eyelash extensions-Using a non oily eye make up remover FOR eyelash extensions

The second tip in how to clean your eyelash extensions is NOT wash your eyelash extensions directly.  Since water and oil tend to break down the glue quickly, avoid getting them wet and instead , use a NON OILY EYE MAKE UP REMOVER .

If you use make up remover wipes or make up remover that leaves an oily residue, then it has some amount of oil in the make up remover.

The Oil free eye make up remover that is very effective in removing oil, eye make up, and even lipstick leaves no oily residue so you can re apply eye make up IMMEDIATELY after removing  make up.  The price is reasonable compared to most eye make up remover for eyelash extensions.


If you haven’t watched the video on what is the best mascara for eyelash extensions or what is the best eyeliner for eyelash extensions, then please watch here.

Here is a photo of a client who used the wrong products on her eyelash extensions:

The lash line has clumps because no eyelash extension sealer was used.

Eyelash extensions can clump together if home care is not done correctly.

Some suggest using water and baby shampoo to wash the eyelash extensions.  However, there is no eyelash extension company that recommends this.

The best way to keep them clean is to prevent oil, make up, lint and dirt from getting on the eyelash extensions.

How to Wash your Face or take a shower with Eyelash extensions will be in our next upcoming video!



**If you missed our FIRST VIDEO on How to Make  your Eyelashes lasting longer, hop on over and take a look!

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