Do Anti-aging Products Really Work?

Do Anti-aging Products Really Work?

They’re EVERYWHERE! On your TV, on your phone, in your emails, advertisements for ANTI-AGING products promising to turn back the clock and make you look YEARS younger!

…but do anti-aging products ACTUALLY work??

YES! (but you have to know what to look for)

Watch our short video (click below) or read on to find out what products REALLY work and what you need to look for to fight back against the elements that cause your skin to age.

What is the BEST anti-aging product? First of all, let us explain what’s really going on…

“ANTI-AGING” means “ANTI-OXIDANT” and what’s happening is the ingredients in the product are protecting your skin from breaking down, which is “OXIDIZING”.

The anti-aging ingredients break apart the FREE RADICALS attacking your skin, or neutralize them.

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Look for products with VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, and VITAMIN E. (Or an easy way to remember it, look for the “ACE Bandage” in the ingredients: A-C-E

Now, the highest concentration of these ingredients are typically found in SERUMS, but sometimes in CREAMS as well.

For the serum, look for a product in a GLASS BOTTLE that is NOT see-through or clear. All of the vitamins, especially Vitamin C, are HIGHLY oxidative. They break down when exposed to air, heat, or light.

For creams, look for a bottle with an airless pump. For serums, look for a glass bottle that comes with a little glass pipette.

When creams have Vitamin A, C, and E (again, especially Vitamin C) we recommend you AVOID creams that are in a tub or jar with the twist-off lids because every time you open the lid, the Vitamin C oxidizes VERY quickly. You’re exposing the ENTIRE product to air and light vs. an airless pump that only releases the small amount of product you’re going to use.

Any product that has Vitamin C in it that’s in a jar or see-through bottle, the Vitamin C has nearly oxidized by the time you purchase it, so don’t waste your time (and money!) using it.

Now, with Vitamin C, there are different qualities. Obviously, the higher quality Vitamin C doesn’t break down as fast, so try to get a product with the highest percentage and highest concentration of Vitamin C (which is usually in a serum).

Another thing about Vitamin C, you get what you pay for. So, the higher quality and the higher the percentage in the product, the more expensive it will be. Typically, the cheaper drugstore brands are not worth it… Don’t even pay that extra $5 for “Vitamin C” because it’s probably already oxidized by the time you purchase it.

PRO TIP #1: When using anti-aging products with Vitamin A, C, and E, use the LAYERING METHOD! Layer each anti-aging product on top of one-another to make sure your skin is getting as much of the anti-aging ingredients as possible.

– First, apply the anti-aging serum (don’t forget to wait 5-10 minutes to make sure it fully absorbs)
– Second, apply a toner (preferably one with Peptides that increases the efficacy of anti-aging ingredients)
– Third, apply a Vitamin C or anti-aging cream/moisturizer

With this layering method you get a LOT more Vitamin C and other anti-aging ingredients absorbed into your skin.

PRO TIP #2: If you are entering an environment that is very polluted, like a smoke-filled casino, the amount of oxidants or Free Radicals which age your skin are OVERWHELMING. So, before you go somewhere where your skin is going to be assaulted with aging agents, use that same LAYERING METHOD with VITAMIN C products.

Apply your Vitamin C products, then apply your make-up, and you will ready walk through the casinos or other polluted environments. Vitamin C will neutralize a LOT of the Free Radicals that would normally age your skin faster!

Now that you know what to look for, don’t let those cheaper anti-aging-claiming products fool you. If you’re going to invest your valuable time and money in an anti-aging product, make sure it WORKS and is WORTH;it!

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