Eyelash Lift-(eyelash Perm) Natural Lash Curl

Eyelash Lift-(eyelash Perm) Natural Lash Curl


EYELASH LIFT-(EYELASH PERM) NATURAL LASH CURL- is a process that curls the eyelashes. Depending on the individuals lashes, the results may vary. For example, the results vary due to how straight and course the lashes are, how long the lashes are, and if it is the first time the lashes are being lifted.

Obviously, the straighter the lashes, the more “lift” they will have vs a curl. The individual may still have to curl their lashes with an eyelash curler but the curl will last longer because the hair shaft has been softened by the products and the hair becomes more pliable.

The eyelash lift is ideal for someone who has longer lashes than average. As you can see in this video, the client has longer natural lashes. The results for her lasted longer than clients who had shorter, more course lashes.

Clients who tend to have shorter lashes may have better results with eyelash extensions. To see if you are an ideal candidate for eyelashes extensions, please see here.

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