How To Apply Eye Creams & Eye Gels

How To Apply Eye Creams & Eye Gels

How to apply eye cream and  eye gel CORRECTLY ?  Believe it or not, there is a CORRECT way to apply eye creams and eye gels! Are you getting the most from your skincare products by applying them properly?  Here’s how to apply eye cream or eye gels:

  • First, you should have a freshly exfoliated face as well as an exfoliated eye area. Take your product and put a little bit on your ring finger.

**It should be the amount of the tip of a pen (the push-button end) just a little bit smaller than a pencil eraser.**

  • Dab the product onto both ring fingers and dab the product all around the outer part of the Ocular area.
  • If you are using an eye CREAM, you may go above the brows, but it’s recommended NOT to put it on your eyelids.  (If you don’t know why, be sure to check out our last blog!)
  • If you are using an eye GEL, because it’s a water-based product you actually CAN put it on your eyelids.  (If you have dry, crepey eyelids where you apply eyeshadow and it starts to get into the creases, eye gel is best.)
  • Let the cream or gel fully dry, especially if it’s an anti-aging eye cream or gel.  (You don’t want to dilute it with a toner or a moisturizer.)
  • Wait about 5-10 minutes and lightly touch the area to check. If it’s still tacky, continue to wait.
  • When the area is completely dry, then apply your toner (why should I use a toner?) , and then your moisturizer  (while the toner is still wet to keep that moisture in.)

TIP: Mornings can be a bit hectic and you may not feel like you  have the time to wait 5-10 minutes before continuing your morning skincare routine. If you don’t have time to wait for the cream or gel to fully dry, then we recommend using the eye cream or gel night time only. Put the eye cream or gel on, relax a bit, scroll a little through social media (just be careful not to get sucked into the “YouTube Triangle”, one video quickly turns into ten and suddenly an hour goes by!), then apply your toner and your moisturizer.

So there you have it! The CORRECT way to apply eye creams and eye gels!

REMEMBER: Eye cream should be avoided on the eyelid area, especially if you’re Milia-prone. If you want to put eye products on your eyelids then eye GEL is best!

If you do have Milia on your eyelids, here’s what you should do to prevent them.  CLICK HERE

If you are NOT sure whether to use eye cream or eye gel, please click here.

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