How To Treat Dry And Dehydrated Skin-part 2 Pro Tips

How To Treat Dry And Dehydrated Skin-part 2 Pro Tips


How to treat dry and Dehydrated Skin -Part 2 Pro Tips is the continuation from the first post of How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin : DO THIS ONE THING.

Please watch the first video so this post will be more beneficial to you and make more sense.

For those of you who already read or watched, How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Do this ONE THING,

this PRO TIP is for those of you who are using a toner that is NOT a spray toner.

If you are using a cotton based toner (a toner that you apply with a cotton) that is a HYDRATING toner, then you can use this fine mist spray mister converter to convert the toner into a fine mist.

You must watch the first video to understand why it is important to make the water mist even smaller based on this research to increase the moisture retention in your skin to treat dry and dehydrated skin.

This fine mist sprayer is NOT meant for you to put essence or serums in. It is also best to not put setting sprays that have a higher alcohol because most of the product will evaporate.

This works very well with toners that have a high amount of humectant ingredients.

If you have a toner that doesn’t have a fine mist spray nozzle, you can use a fine mist sprayer such as this one:

Fine Spray Mister

*Make sure you wash it out before use.

Pour the toner in the container and spray a few times to get the spray mister nozzle working.


***PRO TIPS for use***:

If using with a anti aging serum (Retinol, Vitamin C, etc)-

Apply the serum first on clean dry skin.

Let it absorb.

Apply eye product (if applicable)

Let dry.

Spray fine mist 3-5x for oily skin 5-7 or until very wet for extremely dry skin.

While Face is still moist, apply sunscreen or moisturizer.

Hyaluronic Acid – What the Beauty Industry DOESN’T Want You to Know…

The BEST Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Remember: Make up is an ART and Skin Care is a Science

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Fine Mist Sprayer



Ease of Use10.0/10

Flexibility of Use10.0/10

Travel Compatability5.0/10


  • - Affordable
  • - Easy to use
  • - Works well with most toners


  • - Not for Travel use
  • - Not to be used with essences and serums

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