How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

This blog post is about “How to Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions” and “How to Take a Shower with Eyelash Extensions”.

In our previous post, we discussed that one of the main enemies of eyelash extension glue is water.

(If you missed that first post, it is called, “How to  Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions to Make Them Last Longer”.)

The second post (“How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions“) focuses on keeping the eyelash extensions clean so they don’t stick together and form black clumps.

If water breaks down the eyelash extension glue, how are you supposed to wash your face or take a shower?

When you wash your face with eyelash extensions, it is best to avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet.  Not only do you have water streaming down onto your eyelash extensions, you also have oil, make-up, and cleanser residue getting onto your eyelash extensions IF you wash your face the traditional way.

Washing Your Face with Eyelash Extensions:

When washing your face with eyelash extensions, separate your face into two sections.

First, BEFORE washing your face, remove any oil, eye make-up, primer, etc. with a gentle, oil-free eye make-up remover.  The oil-free eye make-up remover should NOT feel oily or greasy.

Take a cotton swab and gently dip part of the swab into the eye make-up remover for eyelash extensions.  With the same cotton swab, begin cleaning the entire eye area, avoiding the eyelash extensions (watch video here).

After removing the eye make-up, begin washing the lower part of your face starting from the cheekbones down.  This way, the water from your forehead is not dripping down onto your eyelash extensions.

Second, work the cleanser into a foam (remember to AVOID using cream-based cleansers) and apply the foam onto your DRY forehead.  Start washing your forehead with the foam from the eyebrows up.

Using a round facial sponge that has been rinsed and excess water has been squeezed out, sponge down the forehead INSTEAD of rinsing with just water, which can trickle down onto the eyelash extensions.

The final step is to take the round facial sponge and wipe down the upper eyelid, all the way down to the upper lash line.  Repeat the same procedure on the lower lash line as well, until there is no oily residue.

If you are using an under eye product, please use an eye gel.  Eye gels are typically water-based and eye creams contain emollients that can break down the glue when used too close to the lash line.

How to Apply Eye Cream or Eye Gel Properly.

If you are using a spray toner, make sure to shield your eyes when spraying the toner all over your face.

Eyelash Extension Safe Eye Cream

Best Cleanser for Eyelash Extensions

The best cleanser when washing your face with eyelash extensions is a water-based gel cleanser.

Cream-based cleansers can leave a residue that can start to break down the glue on the eyelash extensions.

If you are not sure which one may be best for you, here is a great balancing cleanser that is gel-based, hydrating, and balances out oily, dry, and sensitive skin conditions.

If you have active break outs or Acne-prone skin, here is another suggestion for a gel-based foaming cleanser you can use with eyelash extensions that is for ACNE-PRONE skin.

When applying moisturizer, apply the moisturizer up to the upper cheekbones and above the brow line.  Avoid the entire eye area.

The Correct Order to Apply Skincare Products

How to Take a Shower with Eyelash Extensions

Standing under a steady flow of streaming water in the shower will NOT help extend the life of eyelash extensions, it will SHORTEN it.

Obviously, this means try to avoid getting the eyelash extensions wet while taking a shower.

A trick that some of my clients use to shower with their eyelash extensions is to wear goggles in the shower to avoid getting their eyelash extensions wet.  This also helps with avoiding getting shampoo and conditioner on the eyelash extensions.

While in the shower, wash your face AFTER washing your hair.  If you wash your hair and then wash your body, it may help to wear a shower cap (I know… it’s goofy…) to keep the water from your hair from getting onto your eyelash extensions.

Finally, if you have a hand-held shower head as an option, use the removable shower head to better control where the water goes so that your eyelash extensions are not getting sopping wet.

***PRO TIP***

Immediately  after the shower, before you even dry off, use the eyelash extension brush to gently dry off the mist that has landed on your eyelash extensions to prevent them from sticking together.

After you have washed your face, the last step is to apply a thin line of the eyelash sealer ON the lash line (both upper and lower) to prevent the oil from your lash line from getting onto your eyelash extensions.  This will help extend the life of your eyelash extensions and help keep them clean.

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