Myolift Mini Product Review-botox Alternatives

Myolift Mini Product Review-botox Alternatives

Myolift Mini Product Review Botox Alternative Part 2- Welcome to the part 2 of the Botox Alternative. If you have NOT caught the first video, I would encourage you to watch it or read it here:

Anti Aging Tip: Botox Alternatives for Fine lines and Wrinkles, Sagging Skin and Hyperpigmentation

This video is more geared for the licensed professional but if you are curious and would like to know more about the microcurrent machine and what it can do, please watch.


The Myolift Mini product review will go over what type of services you can use this with, and what skin conditions you can treat.

If you are a licensed professional and you are looking to expand your scope of practice, the microcurrent treatment is a non invasive to treat your clients with:


Age Spots


Saggy skin -including the jawline, chin and even saggy eyelids.

Anti Aging Tips for Lips

ANTI AGING TIP: How to Treat Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Bags Under Eyes, Saggy Eyelids

This is an ideal machine for those who are seeking an non-invasive, natural procedure alternative to botox.

Please remember that the deeper the wrinkle or crease, the longer it will take.

Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists that also work along side estheticians to help heal facial surgical wounds , acne lesions and skin from acid peels. Microcurrent machines help shorten downtime, enhance healing ability and minimize scar tissue. This can help with post treatment procedures.

According to one study, using microcurrent helped with 45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis, and the average length of fibers doubled.

Collagen thickness increased by 10% and the number of blood vessels increased by 35%.

Microcurrent can also be used in conjunction with many other treatments to boost the results of :

Chemical peels-for example, using a lactic acid/glycolic acid peel to even out skin tone and increase product penetration post peel.

Hydrafacial/Microdermabrasion/oxygen therapy /cryotherapy– this combination can be a turbo boost to stimulate blood flow and polish off dead skin before the usage of microcurrent.

Oxygen and cryotherapy can cool the skin decreasing inflammation, swelling and increasing rightness of the skin.


LED Lights

Can you use Botox with Microneedling?

The short answer-yes.

However, because botox addresses wrinkling of the forehead and other areas of the face by freezing the facial muscle that is creating the wrinkle.

Microcurrent activates weakened muscles and relaxes overworked muscles that are causing the forehead wrinkles,etc so the two are doing two opposite things.

So if you have a client that is doing botox but is interested in microcurrent, you can do a microcurrent procedure 2 -3 weeks after, when the botox has started to wear off. This can help the muscle from atrophying, increase the ATP in the cells and increase hydration levels in the skin.

Difference between Nuface and the Myolift Microcurrent:

The difference between the “slide and glide” technique and the “pinch and hold” technique is that when you use a machine with a single probe or 2 spheres such as Nuface (there are others), this is using the “slide and glide” technique where the device delivers the current flow from one sphere to the other completing the circuit and providing microcurrent on your face in a gliding upward motion.

With this technique, the microcurrent reaches the epidermis and works to boost the ATP levels of the skin tissue.

This is an excellent way to keep up the ATP and hydration levels in the skin in between profesisonal appointments.

The “slide and glide” technique cannot bring the current deeper into the belly of the muscle to re-educate the muscles nor can you shorten/lengthen the muscles in different directions.

How Myolift Microcurrent is different:

The Myolift Microcurrent Machine uses the “pinch and hold” technique using 2 applicators. You can hold one stationary while using the other probe to maneuver and manipulate the muscle and directly target the facial muscle, therefore getting professional results.

Benefits of the Myolift Mini by 7e Wellness:

-FDA cleared


-weighs a mere 4lbs

-delivers up to 400 microamps

-Comes with a 2 added accessories targeted for the lip and eye area-you can use a gel sheet mask when using on other clients and may be used up to 10x before it needs replacing.

What your clients my experience during the Microcurrent Treatment:

Your clients may feel, one, some or none of the following:

-Slight tingly sensation

-flashing light when using the probes near the eyes

-slight taste of metal when working around the mouth area

As of this video and post, the Myolift Mini is priced at $269.

***If you are a licensed professional, and you are interested, you will get a 5% discount when you click on this link to purchase any of the machines of the conductivity gloves.

***The conductivity gel is included with the package but you can also use this hydrating gel (which really helped with my clients hyperpigmentation!)

Please note: I receive a small commission if you purchase any of the machines and you will receive 5% off your machine.

I was NOT PAID to do this review. However, I did receive the machine for free to try it out.


Myolift has come out with a home version of the mylift mini called the Myolift QT. It is much smaller and simpler to use. It was created for home use for clients. You can see the differences in the link below:

Best Skin Tightening Machine for Home Use Myolift Mini vs Myolift QT

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